Thursday, February 16, 2006

Synthetic truth

Synthetic truth now carries a concise tag: Politically correct.

I have this phrase from The Brussels Journal article, The Way We Think . The article also states:
The politically correct that is divorced from the facts is more than a pious lie prescribed by someone'’s social creed. PC creates an artificial reality.
If you bear over with me, I would like to perform a childish experiment, where I will exaggerate the use of politically correct (PC) terms, to illustrate how PC dilutes or even hides truth.

My PC dictionary:
  • Terrorists - bombers
  • Bomber - silence and order challenged individual
  • Blow up - sudden change
  • Quran - Book of Peace
  • Bible - Book of Good
  • Christians - Believers of the Book of Good
  • Muslims - Believers of the Book of Peace
  • Dead - metabolically different
  • Political - amorally gifted
  • Evil - morally different

Now imagine this:

Future politically correct history lesson in school (chronologically gifted overly structured trivia in the place where pre-men and pre-women "discover themselves"”):

Two morally different silence and order challenged believers in peace suddenly changed 100 believers of good and left them metabolically different

Thus we arrive at the synthetic truth of an artificial reality. Another term for a lie.
Don'’t forget if you don'’t adhere to this newspeak then you are a crimethinker. And here we get to one of the essentials of politically correct language. It actually impairs your thinking.

New PC dictionary entry
  • Politically correct - brain impaired

Do you think I am far out? The BBC actually uses the terms "bomber"” and/or "“misguided criminals"” instead of the word terrorist, which can “"carry emotional or value judgments".

It is so Orwellian that it is scary.


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