Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The slithering pusillanimous dhimmi

No need to clarify who we are talking about. It is the European "foreign policy minister", Javier Solana. He sure lives up to his origin as member of the Spanish Pusillanimous Socialist Dhimmi Party (SPSDP).

Thanks to the fine blog, Infidel Bloggers Alliance for these two articles. We all thank John Sobieski for coining "The Slithering Pusillanimous Dhimmi", formerly known as Javier Solana.

TSPD is out traveling.

The Twilight Of Free Speech? EU Policy Minister, Javier Solana, Supports Ban of "Religious Defamation"

Javier Solana is touring Islamic states begging for forgiveness and promising to ban Free Speech, if the Muslims will only calm down.

"We agreed to take different measures including at the level of the United Nations to guarantee these acts will not be repeated," OIC Ekmelettin Ihsanoglu Secretary General said in Jeddah.

"Be sure we are going to do our utmost for this not to happen again, because we need each other... I don't think honestly it will happen again," he added. Ihsanoglu said he also wanted the EU to pass blasphemy laws. "I have proposed many ideas, legislative measures to be taken by the European Union," he said.

Solana: We Are All Proud to be Pusillanimous Dhimmis

One site that should be on every blogger's bookmarks is Arab News. This website for Saudi Arabia gives a good idea of the threat we face. Recently, in Jeddah, they had a Economic Conference. That's where Al Gore begged for forgiveness and promised to let into the US as many suicide bombers as the Saudis want. Today, they had an article about Solana. The EU's foreign policy cheif Solana groveled at the Saudi's feet on the West's behalf.

His counterpart Secretary-general of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Ihsanoglu is pushing for new EU laws and UN declarations banning trashing Mo and Islam. Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

Also check out this bizarre Stockholm Syndrom victim's visit to Saudi Arabia. Has the West gone insane?

TSPD (SPSDP), Jeddah, 2006


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