Monday, January 30, 2006

Why does the point of view of Muslims receive so much attention?

Amazingly the world view point the last many years have largely been controlled by the Muslim and especially Arab countries. How this has come to be is a mystery. Of course there are more than 50 Muslim countries and they thus have a heavy vote in the broken United Nations. The Arab countries also control a lot of money. The oil has been in dispute in the cold war and thus let the Arab countries accrue much importance.

But consider that the muslim countries have some of the most barbaric regimes in the world and also have some of the most barbaric costumes in the world - it is still hard to understand the level of influence.

Muslims have not, to my knowledge, made any significant attribution to technology, peace, knowledge, art, literature etc. - ie. civilisation for the last 500 years or so.

To illustrate I want to show a bit of an article from the latest edition of the Danish newspaper, "Weekendavisen". It was written by Jesper D. Jensen og Klaus Wivel. Well done.

I have done the translation as well as I could:

“The moral compass of the UN has been broken for decades. The world organisation does not mirror an objective standard for international justice. 'It mirrors the total sum of the political interests of the member states at a given time.’ [Dore Gold, ex. Israeli UN ambassador]

While there has been particulary horrible infringements of human rights in Tibet, Cambodia, Rwanda and other places without any mentionable UN protests, Israel has been condemned again and again by the world organisation. Israel continues year by year to ignore practically all UN resolutions that commonly conclude that Israel is breaking international law, ruthlessly has suppressed the Palestinians and is a threat against both the regional and global stability.

During the 59. Assembly of the UN 2004-2005, 19 Israel critical resolutions were passed, while not a single was passed condemning the ethnical cleansings and mass murders in Darfur in Islamic Sudan. Israel is without comparison the country that through the history of the General Assembly has received most condemnations.

For the past last years the average has been 20 resolutions, and since the creation of the UN the General Assembly has condemned Israel with around 500 resolutions - or around half of all resolutions concerning comdemnations of a country. These numbers are from official Israeli statistics and the UN UNISPAL database.

The General Assembly started having emergency sessions in 1956, and since then 5 out of 10 have been about Israel. In comparison there were no emergency sessions in connection with the murder of a people in Rwanda, the ethnical cleansings and mass murders in the former Yugoslavia or during the last years of barbarism in Sudan, where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives.

The Israeli critical tendency has also manifested itself through the UN Commision on Human Rights in Geneve. Over the last 40 years around 30 percent of the comission's resolutions, comdemning named countries, have been targeting Israel. In comparison the lack of human rights in the Arabic countries or China has been the object of few resolutions.

If the reader is interested in an another viewpoint on the Israelic-Arabic conflict then try to look at this website.

Frankly, I for one am fed up with barbarians and religious fanatics. And the worst ones at the moment are Muslim.


At 2/3/06 22:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you and your thinking. the biggest strength of islam is they are united (we can gather ppl easily for any bed reason).

At 2/4/06 08:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another reason Islam is receiving so much attention is because of the violent among them. The murder and mayhem get our attention, then, when we ask "why are they doing that?" enter the faux moderates to "explain" that we are provoking them and if only we would weaken our security to demonstrate our trust as well as adopting their repressive laws, everything would be ok.

When you want to hold a walnut, and hit it with a hammer, you restrain the nut, not in your hand, but in a padded glove. The terrorist are the hammer, the phoney "moderates" (like CAIR) are the glove, and we are the nuts who think Islamist appologists can give us any advice that isn't going result in our harm.

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