Tuesday, February 14, 2006


When I started blogging I did not really intend this blog to become a dedicated voice against Islamic fundamentalists and Islamofascism. I intended it to become a more broad commentary. As such I intended also to comment on the problem with fundamental Muslims but not to this degree.

The cartoon rage has shown me something important though. The Islamofascists and fundamental Muslims have a huge foothold in the Western World. The foothold is so big, that we have lost freedom. The de facto freedom of expression is now limited in the Western World. Some countries like Norway and the U.K. have unofficial censorship and one country, Sweden, has government censorship. All western countries have a varying level of political correctness that imposes censorship. All western countries have a level of censorship imposed because of fear of fanatical Muslims.

For me personally there is nothing more important than freedom. And I refuse to have my freedom limited by either political correctness, view points from the middle ages or fear.

The hmmh... blog will from now on have as one of its aims to oppose, what I call the Internal Enemy. This Enemy consists of the people in the Western World arguing in favor of political correctness either by ignorance or deliberately. The Enemy is often in favor of unlimited immigration of whomever, imposing limits on the debate, not to infringe certain unwritten laws, not hurting anybody's sensitivities. I could give the argument that the Enemy are all appeasers and apologists. It seems the enemy thinks: Please excuse us for living, excuse our forefathers, excuse our culture. Look, we are willing to change and accommodate, even change our fundamental values not to upset. I could argue that many conflicts were allowed to develop because of the Enemy, i.e. WW2. The Enemy is mostly left wing, political opportunist, ignorant or a combination. Most of the enemy suffers of what I call the Hive Culture. The collective is the essential organism - the individual be damned.

The blog will also keep other aspects in sight. It will be a voice against fanatism and oppression of all kinds. I will comment on all forms of oppression - also those based on race, sex, sexual preference, religion and politics.

At the moment the most oppressive, fanatic and dangerous are the Islamofascists. I call them the External Enemy. This Enemy is infiltrating the Western World this moment, but they are still external to our way of life. The Islamofascist aim to either exterminate or break all opponents and their children by any method what so ever. hmmh... will expose the Islamofascists when ever possible.

In short this blog is about freedom.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Perhaps attributed; might have originated in "The Friends of Voltaire", 1906, by S. G. Tallentyre (Evelyn Beatrice Hall). But he could have said it!

Disclaimer (as promised to a Moderate Muslim I have talked to):
This blog is in no way a direct attack on Moderate Muslims, the decent majority, I believe, of all Muslims. But I can not criticize Fanatical Islamists without analyzing Islam and Muslim societies. I have trouble with the Quran as it does carry many fanatical messages. Likewise I have trouble with all fanatics and fanatical messages from other religions as well. I deplore all infringements on human rights. Muslim societies are nearly all major human rights violators.

But if you are a Moderate Muslim, you believe not in violence and oppression but peace and freedom. If you are very religious, you might feel hurt by my blog. However, if your religious convictions are strong – you should feel secure about them.

If you feel offended, please contact me and we can have a dialogue. Maybe you can tell me of a better way to criticize or explain something I might have misunderstood. I have some Muslim friends and would like to know more Muslims.

Sometimes in the heat of the debate or to argue for a certain view point I will exaggerate a little. I will often use humor in the form of irony and sarcasm as well. If I am told not to publish something – I might publish it as a protest. Please do not hesitate to point it out, if I go too far.


At 14/2/06 10:51, Blogger Fu2rman said...

von S,

You even throw in some Voltaire!

You are awesome.

That was the most perfectly worded disclaimer I have seen in this world of ridiculous Political Correctness.

Keep it up.

At 15/2/06 13:37, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...


Thank you. I did it because a conversation I had with some Moderate Muslims. Good people as far as I can tell.

I wanted to explain my motives and at the same time keep a door open for dialogue.

At 25/2/06 22:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Website.
I read your Blog every day.
¡Viva la libertad!

Juan Gilberto

At 2/4/06 07:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"moderate" Muslims, the cowering (presumed) majority, are relegated into irrelevance by the strictures of their religion. They exist in silence, deprived of any real power or influence by their lack of freedom to speek out. Rather than be worried about offending them by being critical of Islam, we should be giving them hope by our resolve NOT to invite "dialoque," which is just a code word of the Islamists for an exploitable weakness in our defenses. Any weakness we show will only serve to make our task of defeating the monsters, and setting the decent free.

Moderates are speaking out, but as yet many prefer anonymity, for fear of violence from fellow Muslims:
"British Muslim Leaders went to meet Condoleezza Rice, but please don't tell their flock at the mosque, they don't want to be a target for violence!"

This is going to be a long and difficult fight.

And, as you say of the quislings within, the leftist enemy without whom we would probably have defeated the external one by now, here's a recent example from the US.

"School Bans Old Glory After it Becomes "Symbol of Antagonism!" "

You are off to a great start. But you need to ditch the "I'm willing to dialoque with moderates." The real moderates will thank you.

Best wishes.

At 4/2/07 10:48, Anonymous osama said...

My friend
you are very rush to judge on Islamic releigion, through some starnge behaves, may be nor from real muslims or and other want to rune islamic culture for his own reasons.
So, please to know that I am muslim since born,but actually I never felt that some would understand these below athics:
1- Muslims never hurt a single insect/animal without a reason, but only the one that might attack or pites - and totally forbidden to kill others nor to follow their nest and destroy others - that is a main muslim human attitude against insects, so that is applicable 100% with humans beings, means you and all nationalities, nations including - with simple wards - Jewish also.
2-Muslims are entirly forbidden to invade or to attack any nation but only at early ancients - you can read the correct history - NOT the fake - to undrestand that muslims intentions were to liberate other nations from slevery of other people, which were most of the times were occupied by other nations - as example while Egypt was occupied by Romans and they were killing the Crestians Egyptians severly - This was only as example and you can complete the history readings.
3- You please try to visite any islamic country and try to find some real muslims not these whome are prestituting, gambling and do not understand the real and simple Islam : and you will find the most home and kind peaceful land that you can live among their hunams.
4- Not because I am Muslim - BUT - realy in Islam, when you truly and open, wise mind read the Quraan and understand the meaning in between lines and the words in pure self and only feel devote to GOOD - it is not a magic - but believe me you will find your self in Islam as a free and confident person - with a condition that you should believe in GOOD - but case you don't please don't touch - that you will never free your sole - and - you will feel challenge only and that will never lead you to the right path and will complicate your athics and enemy feelings more.
5-My friend : at new time that we live now - FIND me - any muslim country attacking European or other country in the world - THER IS NO.!!!
So, why others are invading and attacking.
6- These jewish which are coming from all over the world, occupying Felastine since 1948 and killing women and children for no reason but only because they don't have home land - although most of the religious Jewish, they understand that this is GOD punishment through their saints to GOD - but they are not true believers and they are Zionist which totally against even normal human athics to occupy other lands - Whish simply the occupied nation will defend their own selves and land.
6- Simply the nations which are helping and confirming the occupation and even support them in the united nations are not correct - Check your mind - that if Falestenians came to your home land occupying and destroying - WHAT YOU WILL DO ?????.
7- These Falestenians are simply Muslims and Crestians both defending their own land and homes and children/ women.
8- Simply Islam thought us ALL to defend any piece of the Islamic land what so ever in west or west, all directions against the attacker what ever nationality or religion.
9- BUT it is forbidden that we attack the homes of the attacker home land - by the adverse - ONLY to defend our home land.
10-Islam simply teaches us: Not to steal- kill- fuck other's women- attack any human beings.
teaches us to believe in one GOOD pray for him five times a day make haj one time in our life, respect our wifes and families: Father and mother and honour them and to work hard for better life and do Zakat for our in come money.
You believe that you can pray to GOOD at the one latest third of the night from 1 AM to 5 AM and ask GOOD what you want he is not away of you that time but very near - you will feel it - seriously you will feel that GOOD very near to your sole.
please don't hesitate to respond to me and start our long long conversation that only NOT to become a muslim BUT to deep understanding the Islam releigion.
Osama M. Al Said

At 27/8/07 01:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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