Sunday, February 12, 2006


Two great ones from the blog of the bright Michelle Malkin.

First one:

Medpundit reports on a new front in the Cartoon Jihad--smack dab in Middle America. One of my favorite editorial cartoonists, the Akron Beacon Journal's Chip Bok, has now raised the ire of the Council on American Islamic Relations for taking a jab at CNN's ridiculous cartoon pixelation policy:

Second one:

Also related to CNN and it's decision not to show the cartoons. Watch the video where known blogger Glenn Reynolds tells off CNN.


At 12/2/06 05:52, Blogger JMJ said...

You could just see those CNN people squirming in their chairs!! :)


BTW, thanks for your help over at BJ.

Your knowledge of Europe is exceptional! Way better than mine!

At 12/2/06 06:14, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

jmj, yes indeed. I liked the video.

My pleasure. We are in this together.

I will get to your e-mails later. I am going to bed shortly.


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