Saturday, February 11, 2006

While I am still allowed to write

Today I am in mourning. I mourn for the lost freedom of expression in Europe. I mourn for our countless forefathers, who have given their lives, many literally, in the fight for freedom.

The last days I have seen events I thought could not happen in the "free" world. Censorship has made its ugly appearance. Censorship come in many forms.

We have seen political and economic pressure being applied to the "free" media. We have seen threats of death and maiming from radical Muslims causing Westerners to go in hiding and Western governments to tremble. We have seen concerted pressure from Muslim dictatorships on "free" governments. We have seen economic interests controlling government policy in the face of threat. We have seen appeasement being given nearly total control of state media. We have seen ministers putting direct pressure to bear on editors. We have seen secret police warning the public and media not to act against state interests by publishing cartoons or demonstrating. We have seen police warning not being able (wanting) to protect in case media would publish. We have seen authorities stand by while Muslim demonstrations on our streets have promised death and worse. We have seen political correctness control everybody.

The West has an enemy in Islamofascism. It is a dangerous enemy, that would exterminate us if possible and at this very moment is infiltrating.

But it is not our worst enemy.

The worst enemy is the internal enemy. That enemy is called pacifism, appeasement and political correctness. The enemy is walking next to us on the street in our daily lives. The enemy is sitting next to us at work.

It is embodied in left wingers, complacent ignorants, selfish capitalists, political opportunists and other hypocriticals. The Socialists and the so called Social Democrats of Europe have been the worst.

The basic premises of democracy are in danger. Without freedom there can not be democracy. This is our cross road. If we fail, the Islamofascists can justly look forward to the demise of the Western civilization.


At 11/2/06 17:49, Blogger JMJ said...

Very well said Von! However, I see this slightly different.

This has been said before but I still think it applies. Radical islam still needs to be shown for what it is. Once the liberal elites begin to see how this is not some small issue but a threat to our very survival then they will come around. Better now than later.

Michael Kinsley demonstrates this nicely in his Wash Post piece today in the IBA. If an apologist like Kinsley can be persuaded to the threat of Islam then even Cindy Sheehan can be turned.

Check out the video below. His emotional response, revealed by being confronted, shows him and Islam for what they really are. These kinds of videos need to be shown everywhere.

Not one person at IBA commented on this video. I think we are missing the opportunity to point the finger, not at the IFs but the lefties that you so rightly comment on in your post. First things first. Rallying and coalescing the troops needs to be done first. IFs are already untied. We are not. We have falsely thought we could conveniently get out of this without risking our lives and our families lives. Well it did not happen in WW2 and it won'thappen now!

At 11/2/06 18:29, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...


Just read the WP article and I have watched the video. But I only heard half of it while playing hangman with my daughter :) I have to see it later on again and do some notes. That madman is mad. Hardtalk is a great program.

The best thing about the Cartoon Rage is this conflict has shown many the true face of the Islamist. Mr. Kinsley has been converted and so has many other people. There is this very left wing, very political correct commentator from Denmark. He surprised me a week ago by writing an excellent defense of total free expression. I want to translate it and bring it here.

But there are still to many apologists and appeasers in my part of the world. I am despairing on that account. I nearly wish they would start burning Qurans in Denmark. That would get the IFs up and roaring. Then it would be obvious to all. I would also rather have the conflict now than later. Europe is demilitarizing. There are for example proposals to cut down the Swedish army to only 5000 men. That is probably less then one third of the Swedish police force.

Hmmh. Maybe we Danish can invade them and get the land back they stole a few hundred years ago :)


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