Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Danish Imams lives are forfeit

Remember the Danish Imams who travelled all over the Middle East to agitate against Denmark? The ones who faked three pictures and took 15 and not 12 cartoons with them?

You can see one of the pictures right here.

Well guess what. The 12 Cartoonist are not Muslim and have not comitted blasphemy against their religion.

This is rich!

The Imams are Muslim and have thus committed blasphemy and according to the Muslim law must die!

Read all here at Michelle Malkin. Many other lies where presented by the Danish Imams.


At 10/2/06 08:03, Blogger JMJ said...

Oh, this is so great!! Good old Michelle Malkin! :)
Von, I got your email. Thanks!!

I will have to wait and respond tomorrow.

Your comments over at IBA are excellent!! Continue to be yourself. I thought I saw quality in you from the start!! :)

You have that rare quality of firmness of one's beliefs combined with intelligence and tact. Sometimes I think people so overdo it with the mussies that they quit reading after the first sentence. And then where does that get one?

BTW, I am still working my way over to Hans forum and BJ. Hans can be overwhelming at times in the quantity. Plus I have hooked up with a couple Pakistan/US muslims that are moderate so...

Would you be interested in their blogs? I am still accessing their safety level though.

At 11/2/06 00:03, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...


Thanks. I liked your comments a lot as well.

I had a look at Hans and I felt it was a little difficult to get into. But I did read some nice ones.

Sure; I would like to get together with some moderate Muslims. A race that seems very rare, but I supect is the majority.


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