Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A short tour of the Blogosphere.

First of all this (found at Michelle Malkins blog of course):

Dennis Nixon at NeanderNews thinks he has traced the origins of one of the bogus Muhammad cartoons disseminated by radical Danish imams in December:

From NeanderNews:
They should because they are the same! No, not a satire of Mohammed nor any other sacred Islamic figure but a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise’s annual festival. NeanderNews discovered this photo, taken by Bob Edme of AP, posted on an August 15, 2005 AP story seen here on MSNBC’s website.

Hmmh. Maersk the big Danish transporter of containers have avoided any trouble in the Muslim countries by using its own diplomacy. They started months ago and seem to have apologized. So says the Danish newspaper, Politiken.

I don't know what to think. A bit too savvy and smart?

My special friends at Infidel Bloggers Alliance have another brilliant article. It is a beginning of looking into the Quran, which is difficult to read.

Some results on one analysis:
Towards the end, Ms. Pawlik presents the findings of her sampling of verses from the Qur'an. It's quite fascinating to get these statistics, because now you can say over 50% of the Qur'an expresses hatred of infidels, and you have the facts to back it up. Just point them Ms. Pawlik's way.
As the Vatican once said about supposedly having the largest collection of Marxist books in the world. You have to your enemy.

The bright Michelle Malkin has another good read on her blog.
But as Zombie notes in his Mohammed Image Archive, linked last week, "hundreds of paintings, drawings and other images of Mohammed have been created over the centuries, with nary a word of complaint from the Muslim world." The UK Times Online, playing off of Zombie's archive this weekend, makes the same point in "Portraying prophet from Persian art to South Park:"She points out that the US supreme court contains this figure:


The outspoken Fred (Reed) on everything has not commented the cartoon conflict yet. But I am sure he will soon. Beware he is outspoken and dare say what others don't even think. See this excerpt from from an older article Paris Burns Again:

Immigration is not prima facie a bad idea. It depends on who you let in. Some immigrants can assimilate. If for example the United States allows the entry of moderate numbers of reasonably educated Chinese, nothing untoward will happen. The Chinese share such crucial European traits as studiousness and respect for law. In fact they are superior to the white population in both respects. Consequently they arouse little hostility and not a little admiration. They may congregate for a generation or so in Chinatown, but the term designates a place where a lot of Chinese live, not a hostile ghetto.

Other immigrants cannot assimilate. Most especially practitioners of Islam cannot prosper in Europe. Watch.

Incomprehensibly, permitting their entry has been a deliberate decision. Europe could have kept these swarming newcomers out by simply not letting them in. No visa, no work permit, instant deportation. It didn’t. Now France and Holland are on the edge. Amsterdam could be the next Paris. England, once a delightful land of safety and civility, becomes in parts a North African slum. I have no sympathy. They made the choice. But why did they do it?

People and governments by nature temporize, avert their eyes from forthcoming catastrophe, eschew the needful but unpleasant, and do not readily believe that the status quo can abruptly change. But it can, and does, and is. Meanwhile absurd intellectuals write pointless articles in glossy magazines. Soon it will be too late for civilized answers.

Fred also has the best dominion of the English language I have seen anywhere on the Internet. I wish I could write like that.

The Brussel Journal has a new article worth your time: Live free or die. Some excerpts:

It is easy to terrorise people. Just tell them that you will kill them and most people tend to shut up. Sometimes it does not work. This is the case with people who have made the motto of the great state of New Hampshire – “Live Free or die” – their own.

“Terrorism only works when people agree to live in fear,” a Brussels Journal reader wrote to me last week. She is not entirely right. Terrorists have a fall-back strategy when dealing with brave people who value freedom above their own lives. The terrorists just threaten to kill others. Indeed, it is one thing for the morally upright to stand for their own principles and be prepared to die for them, but quite another to realize that others will have to die for them. Many heroic people are tender-hearted, but the terrorists are neither. The real martyr is prepared to die so that others may live free, but not to let others die so that he may live free.


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