Monday, February 06, 2006

Islam criticized

This following text is from a Syed Kamram Mirza, who in this article, Why Critical Scrutiny of Islam is an Utmost Necessity!, has the following chapter. Islam is unique indeed...

My fervent request to those who differ with me, please tell me which world religion or religions have the following:

(a) A strict dress-code for women (Hijab/Burkha), also for men, (b) strict code for food; (c) strong hatred for all other religions and segregated attitude for all; (d) women are oppressed/suppressed by puritanical sharias; (e) using left hand and petting dogs are prohibited by hadiths; (f) all kinds of amusements: music, songs, dance, TV, Radio, cinemas and games/sports are strictly prohibited; (g) In the whole world could you show me one or two countries ruling as Christian/Jewish/Hindu/Budha’s state (like shariaat of Islam in such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc.) where religious persecution and communal and sectarian fights are rampant? (h) Can you mention any religion (except Islam) has the various Jihadi organizations throughout the world, such as Hamas, Hizbullah, Horkut-ul-Jihad, Jihad-e-Ferdous etc. etc. who are fighting and killing people in the name of religion? (i) could you name one such world famous Terrorist like Osam-Bin-Laden in any other world religion? (J) Could you name any religion (except Islam) which strongly advocates to kill the people of other belief? (k) Could you give me one country where people are fighting ‘tooth and nail’ to topple their own democratic Government to establish a religious state (except Islam)? (L) could you name one country (except Muslim) where thieves, criminals, political prisoners etc. are punished by: lashing by whip (101), stoning to death, chopping heads or hands? (m) In Pakistan tens of thousands of peoples are jailed by BLASPHEMY law of the land, among them many thousands are awarded death penalty by the court. Pakistan is at the verge of falling at the hands of Talibans. My question is: could anybody assure me that when Pakistan will be ruled by Shariaat those poor convicted peoples will not be executed by stoning? (n) In the whole modern world—do we have any other religion which implements today BLASPHEMY LAWS? (o) If I declare Jesus “a son of Roman Soldier” or even “a son of bitch” shall I be under the threat of death penalty? (p) Could I do the same with Prophet Muhammad? (Q) West including America have immigrants from all kinds of religious background. Could you name any other group/groups other than Muslim having the similar problem in the process of blending with the inhabitants of host countries?


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