Sunday, February 05, 2006

Brief, American Media starting to show support

Jeff Jacoby: "We are all Danes now"

Mark Steyn: "'Sensitivity' can have brutal consequences"

Wall Street Journal, Daniel Schwammental: Europe's New Dissidents

Here a quote from the Wall Street Journal:

The support shown in the past few days by newspapers around Europe reprinting the cartoons is very welcome. But the vast majority of Europe's media didn’t join the battle. And so in the end, it was too little, too late, coming just after the Danes were forced to “confess.” [...]

But what really sealed the Danes’ fate – and possibly Europe’s – was the lack of solidarity from other governments. The European Union likes to call “emergency meetings” for the most trivial topics, from farm subsidies to VAT rates. But when one of their smallest members came under attack for nothing else than being a European country, for defending the values and norms the EU is based on, there was nothing but silence from Europe’s capitals. That silence has been heard and understood in the Muslim world.


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