Sunday, February 05, 2006

What do they want?

In Denmark there has been one demonstration against the Muslim behavior. There were 30 extreme right wing participants. Among those the leader of the Danish naziparty. They were met by a counter demonstration of 200 extreme left Danes and a few Muslim youths.

There has been a couple of demonstrations by Muslims in Denmark against the cartoons The biggest in September with a reported 4000-5000 Muslims.

All in all not a very strong reaction either way.

But one Muslim Moderate journalist was beaten up by Muslims and then there is this following event.

It could be an event of no real significance or it could be an event that explains the whole matter:

In Denmark you will on many street corners find a little enclosed wagon selling hotdogs. They are actually quite good. Even though they are made of pork. This is what happened:

Friday one of those vendors were approached by two Muslim youths. They asked for two breads. While handing the breads to the youths, one of youths grabbed the vendor's two arms while the other with a base ball bat repeatedly hit the vendor's hands. At the same time they were yelling: "Danish pig. You sell unclean meat". The vendor received treatment of his bloody hands at the hospital and later on reported the incident to the police. The police is now looking for two Turkish youths between 18 and 20.
I find this story illustrative because it shows a sad tendency. Fanatic Muslims in Europe are not satisfied to live according to their own traditions in their daily lives, they want the Europeans to live according to the same traditions and obey Muslim teachings.

This is absurd of course, but might be a part of a larger campaign to create Muslim strongholds in Europe.