Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's the economy stupid

Just as I stated earlier on. One of the major reasons for appeasement is the economy. Just imagine these political animals sitting on their fat behinds. They are responsible for their constitutions and the right of freedom. But what worries them is money...

But again. Thanks to Jyllandsposten, these and many other politicians are now exposed for what they are.

Two New Zealand newspapers are condemned by the NZ government:

New Zealand is braced for fallout from the Islamic world after two newspapers published controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, with a potential trade ban by Iran the main concern ...

The New Zealand government attacked the two newspapers, both owned by Australia’s Fairfax group, with Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton dubbing them “gratuitously offensive” and saying that by upsetting Muslim nations the publishers were putting the nation’s economy at risk.

"It is hard to see why the publication of cartoons known to be deeply offensive to Muslim communities is such an important point of principle to the New Zealand media who have published them,” [Ethnic Affairs Minister Chris] Carter said yesterday.

"What good did it do publishing these cartoons and what damage could it do to communities in New Zealand and to New Zealand’s international reputation?”


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