Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Swedish are political correct

The Swedish are oh so political correct that they in reality have no free expression. The whole society is run by appeasing left wing ignorant back stabbers. By personal experience I would say there is good chance all the good Swedes have left Sweden and live abroad.

The above cartoon is from the largest newspaper in Sweden. The fat Guy represents Jyllandsposten and the black person looking like death is probably supposed to be a Muslim woman in one of those charming dresses.

The banner says "Freedom of expression".

Also today the kind Swedish Primeminister stepped all over the Danish Government and especially the Danish Primeminister in his charming declaration that he would have handled the situation differently. I do not doubt that for one second.

Thanks for the help, Mr. Göran Persson. If you and your family ever need help after you have to flee Sweden, when it as the first country in Europe adopts the Sharia law - look me up for a free meal.


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