Thursday, February 02, 2006

What is my own motivation for these articles

This morning I had a look at this my own blog. When you read it, you might get a bit more strong impression than intended. I am not anti Muslim per se and I do not sympathize with the extreme right. I am a conservative democrat with many liberal viewpoints and an open mind. Mostly I am an advocate for personal freedom and rational thought. I am an agnostic but respect other people's religious beliefs as long they are rational to a certain point, where rationality of course is replaced by belief. Ie. rational to a point where they do not read the Bible or the Quaran literally. Some of the most decent people I ever met were religious. I am a great believer in old terms and concepts such as decency, honesty, morals, ethics, integrity and honor.

I am very much in favor of emigration and the mixture of cultures. We can all learn something from each other. In today's world we are all becoming neighbours. Scientifically speaking there is no such thing as different human races.

But I detest stupidity in people who have the capacity not to be stupid. I even more abhor lack of politeness and respect for the fellow human.

But I am not naive nor a saint. When threatened I will not turn my face as some Christians might. I believe in proactive stand up guys. You must defend and stand up for you rights, values, family, friends and your fellow humans.

And I feel provoked and threatened by the fanatics of this world. At the moment many of the worst call themselves Muslims and live in bigot dictatorships. This is a fact.

That is why these last days I have given so much attention to the matter of the 12 cartoons. This is also why I have been so forceful and somewhat exaggerated in my expressions. I do stand by the main view points though.

Here is part of a small "dialogue" on another blog, The Brussel Journal, I had with what I assume is a Muslim. I will let the dialogue stand by itself, but remind the reader I was a bit "hot" at the time.

We should all thank the Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten.

I hope that this conflict between the western and the Arab world will escalate. The conflict is unavoidable. Better now than later. I thank Jyllandsposten for the guts to stand against political correctness and appeasement. We must now all stand together and help by continuing this dialogue and publish our hearts out. The freedom we live under was difficult to earn and it is priceless. The Muslims have too long been able to swing world opinion ( but now it should be obvious to all what the Muslims are after.

to von Schlichtningen from nermin

What are the Muslims after MR hatred…are they after the oil of iraq or after the oil of casuine sea. Or do they plan to occupy you an d kicking you out of your land making you live in the exile. You know you are right..this cartoons was an opportunity to totally reveal your true color against islam andMuslimss .you carry genes of hatred and animosity .no wonder when you are the crusaders , you are always the invader, the aggressors…the west is against islam .it is clear .but islam will remain against your well and will flourish as it is MR idiot the fast growing religion in the world.

Mr Hate?

You are wrong nermin. I don't hate Muslims. In fact I even have some Muslim friends. We may not agree on everything - but we all despise fanatics. I realize some of what I have written may sound a bit too strongly put (see But that is because I have an agenda based on the world future as I see it. A conflict between the Western and Muslim (especially Arab) world is inevitable. IMHO opinion the Muslim world is powder keg ready to explode. There are far too many fanatics living prisoners in a system based on religious madness and no respect for human rights. There are plenty of Muslims in the world ready to kill and maim in the name of God. If you were to give them a button to eliminate some or all of the Western world including all our young and innocent, they would not hesitate one second. As I read the future those buttons will become increasingly easy to fabricate due to technological advances.
That is why something has to be done now. The Muslim fanatics must be defused. The best way is by creating informed and free Muslim societies of which practically none exist at the moment. Alternatively it has to be done by force and the Western world has to be ready. I prefer the first way, but the dialogue necessary is not easy to accomplish. I am not proud of all of the history of Western culture. But fortunately we are in the process of putting behind os religious fanatism and have created societies where different opinions are not only permitted but a way of life. All this in a frame of democratic freedom and human rights and responsibilities. Therefore you may make fun of my society or religious symbols and I will only ignore it or laugh. My values are not threatened by the opinon of others. I know a picture does not rob my soul.

to von Schlichtningen from nermin

yes the conflict between th ewest and islam is unavoidable and this is because of your evil deeds which has no end . you must not suppose over 1.5 billioMuslimsms to be angles with cold blood . to your knowledage, half of them are young people as i discovered that youall know nothing about arabs oMuslimsms.. can you tell me did you bother yourself Mr toread about islam from a respected source before speaking about islam an d muslims.after 11/9 who rushed to read about islam converted to islam and teh rate is quadrelet in USA. you can search now and know....can you tell me if we judje christianty and juadaism from the deeds of theri people what will be the resuls.the resuls is quite clear as the christians left churches long time ago due to corrupted an devil deeds of churches and its men all over the history and till now( scandles of catholic and nuns are well known now). also due to unlogic trinity which canot convince a you had to turn your back to christianty to nothing or to anothe rfaith. but thi sis not thecase in islam. islam is strong faith because it is in harmony with logic mind so you can see that secular government in turkey is agansit its people and it will fail to imitate europe because islam is strong and implanted in hearts of turkish people.


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