Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An important battle in the war has been won

Great news, friends of the Western World and freedom.

A French newspaper, France Soir, has published the 12 drawings and a main page with it's own drawing of Jesus, Bhudda and Mohammed. Jesus in the drawing says to Mohammed: "Don't be angry, Mohammed, we have all been in cartoons."

This brave newspaper explains the reason for publishing the drawings:
No religion may be permitted to enforce it's dogmas on a democratic and secular society, where religion belongs to the private sphere.

Yes, Yes and Yes.

The Arabs better get themselves a large supply of flags to burn. I for one will invest some money in flag producing companies.

A big German newspaper, Die Welt, now also has printed some of the drawings. Also newspapers in Spain, Finland, Iceland and Holland are supposed to have printed the drawings!


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