Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The story that must not go away

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Denmark,

I have been proud of the way you defend the right to free expression. But it made me sad to hear you try to compromise and nearly apologize. Basically you have said: It should not have been done and you're happy the newspaper apologized.

But at least you have not apologized. Still - it does not look that good anymore.

You have asked to all in Denmark (and outside?) to stand together and to resist actions that can lead to hate.

I do not wish to lead to hate - but I do wish to have a couple of points made in this case. Free expression is free. The inevitable confrontation between the Western and Muslim world must be made clear to all Westerners (Muslims know already). Do not hate the Muslims but do not ever let them decide what is freedom.

Thus I am happy to announce the sale of t-shirts with the picture of Mohammed:

You can order them here. They are sold by a German company.

We will yet have the cartoons hanging on every other lamppost in the free world.

The people hating because of this image are the people needing to have their heads mended.


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