Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What does Jyllandsposten write about today?

A lot to cover and work is calling...

Danish news are of course covering the conflict extensively. To give you an idea I will here give you the headings of today's articles in Jyllandsposten. The newspaper that started the whole thing.

Jyllandsposten do publish some articles in English but in no way all and not even the most interesting.

The theory that the cartoons are just a convenient excuse for political Muslim powers. Everybody is stating it. Political leaders, religious leaders and the so-called political experts:

The Great Mufti in Jerusalem
The explosive development in Denmark is only because Denmark is an easy enemy and an easy victim.

Politics more than Religion

The controversial drawings have become a factor in the political power game in the Middle East.
The support from Danish allies to Denmark is now overwhelming. I think the Muslims miscalculated this one. When push comes to shove the Western World will stand together.

USA: Nothing to apologize for in Denmark
Demonstrators are urged by the USA to be consequent and to turn toward their own media's hurtful drawings. New American congratulation for prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his efforts to calm the situation.
Massive support for Denmark
USA rejects demands for apologies for the 12 drawings, even though they are characterized as hurtful. Offer for helping Danes and Danish actives in danger. Also European leaders and NATO express full support and solidarity. Feeling of relief in Copenhagen, but new demonstrations in the Muslim World.
The left wing socialist appeasers and the money greedy appeasers have nearly shut up in Denmark - unity at play. But still there was this critique of the party leader of the most right wing Danish party, Dansk Folkeparti. The party leader wrote one of her weekly articles.
Broad Critique of Pia K (name of party leader).
Anger at Christiansborg (Danish parliament) concerning the Dansk Folkeparti party
leader's use of language concerning Muslims.

And what did she say?

"The seed of weed, that has flown in over the Danish border - Islamist and liars - and whom with their travel around the Middle East gave new life to this for Danes life threatening conflict, we will take care of", Pia Kjærsgaard writes. She would like to Imam Abu Laban be expelled from Denmark as the first.

She thinks Denmark is threatened by internal enemies, who "will force us on our knees and abolish the rights", which generations has fought for. The Society of Islamic Faith is the internal enemy, who is a "sort of Islamic Mafia, who gives us an offer you cannot refuse: Say sorry, or..."

Badly written article. There was no broad support you can read later on in the article. The only ones criticizing are the socialist (less than half!)

These Muslims are the radical ones trying to make Denmark change. Not only did they receive new lives in Denmark, some as refugees, but they brought fake drawings with them on their trip to harm and badmouth Denmark. See later in this article.

As a rule I find the rhetoric from Dansk Folkeparti a bit degrading and exaggerated. But this time she is right on!

The Muslims have won in South Africa, where free expression now has been curtailed. South Africa is a nation in free fall. It will soon lie together with all the other African nations in a bottomless pit.
Muhammed forbidden in South Africa
A supreme court ruling forbids South African newspapers to publish drawings of Mohammed.
A Danish Initiative for dialogue with Arab countries dating to before the conflict is in trouble. This is to be expected. Together with Danish aid to Arab countries which is now refused. There has been some writings about how the Danes these days are a lot less sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Quite naturally - as few nice people, not to speak of friends, ask for your blood on a daily basis.
The Arabic Initiative in a head wind

The crisis on the Mohammed drawings has given the government's so-called Arabic Initiative problems. Experts expect, that it may be difficult for Denmark to enter into dialogue with the Middle East now.
I feel like writing "so-called experts". Why use experts to state the obvious. Some of the people making the worst figures these last days have been the "so-called" experts on Arabs, Muslims, Politics and I know not what.

I can understand the situation all on my own - thank you very much.

Do you know this saying (taken from memory) on experts?
Experts know a lot on their subject of expertise. With time they tend to know more and more on a narrowing area of knowledge. Until one day - they know everything, about nothing.
So take the "experts" with a grain of salt.

Otherwise the Jyllandsposten today have several articles on the world wide demonstrations and further countries where Danes (and other sensible Westerners) should stay away from.

I doubt anybody is planning on holidays in Afghanistan, though.
Taliban is asking for Holy War against Danish Soldiers
The fundamentalistic Taliban Militia is asking the Muslim World for Holy War on the Muslim World on behalf of the cartoons
Holy War, Holy Torture, Holy Killing, Holy Stoning, Holy Imam, Holy Muslims, Holy Islam, Holy Prophet. Are these all oxymoron's?

Get the hell out of these peace loving countries:

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Oman, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait.

And now Indonesia as well.
Danish Bali Travelers to go home
Danish travel agencies no longer send Danes to Indonesia, after the Foreign Ministry in its travel guides not only ward Danes not to go there, but also to get out.
Continuing demonstration in Teheran of course. It of course has nothing to do with that Denmark now will be a member of the Security Council that is to handle the Iran nuclear threat.

I am sure the appeasing left wing have no fears. These sensible people would never use the atomic bomb in anger. They are after all peace loving Muslims.
Demonstration continues in front of the Danish Embassy in Teheran
The demonstration was not over Tuesday morning

The ambassador does not know the state of the embassy. Fear not my friend. They are peace loving!

Demonstrations are on in a dozen other countries as well.

There is much more in Jyllandsposten under opinions. The editor's opions have been very interesting these days. But it is just too much to translate.

Let us all again thank Jyllandsposten for the courage and audacity.


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