Monday, February 06, 2006

Response to a comment from a Muslim

I got this comment on one of my posts on the first dead in the conflict:

Anonymous said...

I want you to see this link plz

I went to have a look and saw this letter:

Forgive us Danish!

Yes, forgive us please.

If I can to make each one of these hackers who hacked any web site to apology I will, but the problem I have no authority for that, so pleas accept my apology. Also I want to clear that all of these hacking attempts succeed or not succeeds are not related to Islam, because Islam never give order to attack innocents people.

Important point to clear:

Dear reader I want you to imagine your friend, mother, girl friend, wife, sun, daughter, father, or any one you love him/her. Imagine you’re self as a cartoon like the cartoon who describe out prophet what you will do! As a normal reaction you will be angry, almost that is innate you can to any thing to stop your anger, even if it was just a joke.

I will give you other example, if you love a singer, one of your friend love different singer, you will have some fight about who is the best, and that is normal reaction.


What do you except from us as a normal reaction? About Man we love him more than our self. I will leave the answer for you.

We love this man, we are ready to die before any thing happened to him, believe me you will never know how much we love him, you even can not imagine that love unless you are Muslim, you will know how extremely we love him.

So all of the Muslims reaction is a normal thing to what happen I have to admit that some of the reaction I didn’t like it, I think Islam also denied some of the reaction.

I think you must search about our prophet Mohamed to know why we love him.

Pleas this link is a short details about Islam, I hope you visit it.

This Is Islam

My answer to Mohamed (his CV is on the site)

Hello Mohamed.

You left a message at my website to come here and have a look. So I did.

Beautifully made show. I shall link to it.

These days we are not in conflict with moderate Muslims. My attack is on fanatics and the dictatorships of most Muslim countries. I dislike all fanatics. Also Christian, and there are many.

The sad thing in this conflict, is that the loosers will be the moderates.

I will respect your way of life as long as it respects human rights and I believe peace and love does!

Were you to make fun of something important of mine - I might get sad and upset. But I would probably ignore it and at the most ask you please not to do it. I would not threaten to kill and maim you.

I wish you and yours the best.

What Mohamed wanted me to see was a flash show about Islam and how peaceful it is. It is well made and beautiful show with a nice song. And I am glad that the Moderate Muslims also get a message through. I don't understand how Muslims can say they love the Prophet (pbuh) more than family - more than their children. Love is not in a definite supply - but then again I am not a believer.

I believe Mohamed will in his own way fight the fanatic bigots and powerhungry people in his region. I am not sure, though, that Mohamed will permit his children and his wife to live in freedom. I am quite sure he will not be permitted to. I believe Mohamed is not the kind of person who would try to change my way of life and especially not with violence.

Mohamed does need to denounce more the violent reactions of the Islamist Fascists. They are hypocritical to an extreme and demonstrate nothing but an unlimited hate. I do not accept that being a Muslim can explain the reaction - not even to a degree as Mohamed explains.


At 6/2/06 19:45, Blogger Jason H. Bowden said...

I respect moderate Muslims. All fourteen of them!

At 7/2/06 05:01, Blogger JMJ said...

Hi Von,
This is JMJ from over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Your words of praise were very kind indeed!

Pastorius, one our groups founders, has given me the liberty to ask you if you would be interested in being one of our contributors to our blog. We have quite a number already but we do not like to limit ourselves. There is much knowledge and wisdom out there in the blogoshphere and are always amazed at the quality of people we come across.

That is why we are asking you to be a contributor.

We know you must be very busy. Lots of posts on your blog since yesteday plus your work, but we would be honored for just an occasional post from you. Once a week or every couple of weeks or whatever.

We all have our own blogs as well and we just "cross post" after we have posted on our individual blogs.

And if you are just too busy, your visits and maybe an occasional comment would still be much appreciated. I know I have already bookmarke your site already.

Anyways, see you over at BJ. I am kind of sad that the comments are down at BJ. They are probably being attacked (hopefully it is just high traffic) like the Newspaper Index Forum I used to frequent unitil it now seems to have died.

Anyways, looking forward to hopefully interacting with you at IBA, hmmmh... and BJ.

At 7/2/06 08:50, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...



I am honoreed by your invitation and I would very much like to be a contributor.

Yes it, is sad with the Brussel Journal. Another high quality site. I like it; but I have lost a few comments, when it is so slow. But I do intend to keep on leaving a few comments there. See you around!

At 7/2/06 10:46, Anonymous Yasser said...

Hi Von,

I liked what you have said in yuor reply to Milyani. I'm a Muslim and I believe in the absolute freedom for humans.

I think we as humans got minds and brains; we should live as we are.

wish you all the best.

At 7/2/06 11:45, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

To yasser

Thank you. All the best to you too.

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