Monday, February 13, 2006

One track mind

These days I have a one track mind; because there is something rotten in the state of Sweden. Actually there is rot all over the Western World but in Sweden the rot seems to have spread more than elsewhere.

See one of the comments I got on the censorship story over at The Brussel Journal:

How about a little more research? A branch of the security police had requested a talk with the web hotel in question and told them that it wasn't altogether impossible that threats and actions from Muslim terrorists could be following. The web hotel reacted and shut down SD:S site. The government has not outlawed anything.

I answered:

When the Secret Police (for that is what SAPO is, it corresponds to the MI5 in the UK - and it rimes with Gestapo) and the foreign minister approach a company, an ISP, and ask (demand) you shut down a website belonging to somewhat extremist right wingers (they are comparable to Le Pen's Front National). Otherwise Swedish interests and Swedish nationals will be in danger. I think most companies would cave in. The risk to future business is simply too high not to.

Well, I call that censorship. Especially when the website belongs to a registered political party with 1,4% of the vote. Furthermore, a party which has done absolutely nothing illegal. On the contrary the party is only exercising its right to free speech.

Check out the debate (and the facts) going on inSweden< right now.

If you think that is not censorship, then you must be either a radical Muslim from Saudi Arabia or a Swedish Social Democrat.

It has become hard to distinguish.

NB. I do not find the "Sverigedemokraterna" a very nice party, but that has no weight on the discussion on free speech.

As you can see it is pay back time. Slightly rude maybe. But apart from that. Who is the worst? The radical Muslim or the Red Swede?

Frightfully, I realize I understand the Muslim better. His goals are clear.

The Red Swede on the other hand is an enigma. The epiphany of a mystery. Supposedly my Scandinavian brother, cultural ally and a defender of freedom. But no. He is the internal enemy of our Western World. And we find his like in all the Western countries.

The one not only opening the gates wide open to as many as possible of the masses to take over our land and to gradually erase our cultural identity. No - he is the one - actually asking to have our freedom limited and our culture changed so we do not offend the newcomers in our multicultural society.

Now - if the masses consisted of tolerant, enlightened, cultured, bright and hard working individuals I would not mind to scoot a bit over. To share some of our wealth, to make some more and in the process become friends and learn from each other.

But no, we are mostly talking about islamists from the middle ages - radicals, religious zealots, slavers of women and uneducated brutes who come as guests but want to establish themselves as lords and judges of our free expression and our way of life. With them they bring an incomprehensible religion that seems based on conflict - and peace and love not one bit.

The Red Swede desires Eurabia and Sharia law and he has a good chance of obtaining it - at home.

But if you don't mind - I would rather abstain.

Even were we to close the gate a bit and become more selective and fair (what is wrong with Hindus?) - The Red Swede still demand that I must not offend the mad mufti in Iran who just sent two young women to be stoned, young men to be maimed, keeps four enslaved young women locked up at home, and who lately has been telling his congregation to come here and blow our young ones to small bloody pieces. No, according to the Red Swede we must dialogue, understand, permit, support, invite, accommodate and bow.

Never, say I. We must not sell out of our values. Our values are infinitely better than those of the mad mufti. We have left the middle ages and the ages of madness and fascism. We have mostly abandoned the religious bigotry. Faith is now personal and politics secular. We have finally gotten freedom and we aim to keep it. It has given us progress and civilization, while the Muslim World has created near to nothing for the last 500 years.

If I want to criticize I shall criticize. And I can start right off by telling you ignorant barbaric Fanatic Muslims: You do not treat your women right! Your religion seems to suck the way you practice it in hatred, and I will have none of it. Worse, you are the major human rights violators on this planet. So don't you dare to criticize my cartoons which are a part of my democratic traditions! If I offend you - so what? You offend me worse. And I don't plan to finance a mosque for you in my neighborhood.


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