Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another European cartoonist receiving death threats

Why it at the championship is imperative for the Army to be deployed!!

The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel published the above caricature (click on it to enlarge) Friday the 10.2.2006. It is made by the cartoonist Klaus Stuttmann. There have been innumerous complaints and three death threats against Herr Stuttmann.

But actually the caricature does not imply that the Iranian will show up as suicide bombers for the world football championship. It is instead a comment on German internal politics. The cartoonist is using satire on the fact that the German army is supposed to be on stadiums during the championship. He is against them being there as he doubts there will be anybody with bombs.

Of course it has been misunderstood and without knowing German actual debate that is easy. May I suggest that you killers and ambassadors check on the death sentence premises before going into action?

An official protest from the Iranian embassy to the newspaper has been delivered. The protest talks about "disgust and indignation" in Iran. The newspaper answered: "This protest is only possible due to lack of knowledge of the debate on internal German politics".

The result: Another limitation on European free expression and another cartoonist living in hiding. It is tragic-comic and not funny.

Here is Klaus Stuttmann's own defense:
The translation is one word pr. picture:
Cartoonist - in - the age - of the - Internet - and the - Globalization

I understand his defence - the drawing is great. But I find it lacking. For how many non fanatic Muslims have served death threats to cartoonists lately?

This is quite an escalation of the Cartoon Rage. A misunderstood non-existing non-religious insult on Muslims now leads to an official protest and death threats. What will be next?


At 24/1/07 22:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom of is speech is actually just a figure of speech no more. The extremist European newspapers did not give the Muslims the right to have their say. Why did these newspapers higher analyst just to talk on the behalf of a bunch of people that have been misunderstood.

Add to the matter that the double standard is a characteristic of so called democratic countries, for example in the late 90’s an independent Egyptian leftwing non extremist paper published an article about the “rape of a Coptic priest a Christian woman”. The raped woman was the one who published this crime providing evidence that was acknowledged by the police. The next day there were violent protests of the Coptic community that said it was offended of such an article and did not stop at demanding an apology from the paper, threats were made and pressure was practiced by the church to stop publishing such articles (“although we all know the worldwide priests scandal”) and yet no one blamed the Coptic Christians for such acts.
In Germany recently protests were made after publishing cartoons of a pope, isn’t this
A violation of freedom of speech?.

Plus what Pope or Priest or Imam can be compared with a prophet?????

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