Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Danish Apology for the Cartoons

The Danish Prime Minister: Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Another fantastic picture from Cox & Forkum. A nice article from the NYT. And for once I think the Danish PM did say exactly the right thing. Maybe the government is finally calming down and thinking clearly. Having the Islamofascist hate you and your way of life is a proud achivement!

"I think we have to insist on respecting our core values, including freedom of expression, gender equality for women and men, and a clear distinction between politics and religion."


"Mr. Rasmussen reiterated that there would be no Danish apology for the cartoons"

YES and YES. Finally I can say with some little pride again: I am Danish!

From The New York Times: Dane Sees Greed and Politics in the Crisis. (via TIA Daily)

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday that attempts by European companies in the Middle East to disassociate themselves from Denmark or Danish products were "disgraceful."

At the same time, Mr. Rasmussen tried to shield the Bush administration and some of Denmark's partners in NATO from accusations that they had been tardy and overcautious in coming to Denmark's defense in the crisis, which he attributed more to attempts by Iran and Syria to cause diversions in the Middle East than to a few satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. ...

Mr. Rasmussen did not refer to a particular business organization or country. But his response came in reply to a question referring to attempts in the Arab world by companies associated with Nestlé, the Swiss food giant, and Carrefour, the French retailer, to distance themselves from Denmark. Danish industry estimates it has lost more than $55 million in sales in the Middle East since the furor began a week ago. ...

Mr. Rasmussen reiterated that there would be no Danish apology for the cartoons. He brushed aside any suggestion that Denmark's policies requiring immigrants to accommodate themselves to Danish tradition were at fault, and asserted, "We are on the right track." More broadly, he said, "I see a very clear tendency that other European countries will go in our direction." ...

"Denmark is a liberal country," he said. "We do believe in individual liberty and freedom. People can live according to their own customs. However, I think we have to insist on respecting our core values, including freedom of expression, gender equality for women and men, and a clear distinction between politics and religion."


At 15/2/06 20:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some readers might like to see more, here:
to Bob Doney
Submitted by von Schlichtningen on Wed, 2006-02-15 12:55.

"depends on good, peaceful relationships between people of different colours, beliefs and lifestyles"

Neville Chamberlain thought that about the Nazis too. He even made a pact with them...

There is no such thing as peaceful co-existence with fascism in expansion. Appeasement is the worst possible strategy.

Pacifists and apologists have more dead people on their conscience


Fascists are bullies who have no manners, no education and no conscience. They need to be taught. If not by their parents, then by the civilized who are more than prepared to meed violence with violence, demonstrated handily by WWII.

At 15/2/06 21:06, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...


Thank you. And you are quite right

At 18/2/06 10:09, Blogger Erich Honeker said...

Appeasement is a policy that failed in 1938, and it suree as hell won't work now. Chamberlainsists preach about how 'with freedom of press comes responsability'.

Thing is, Arab media as seen in, say, Saudi Arabia, state run media if I might add, has sponsored, incited and called for violence against non-beleivers.

Now, while it may be true that this is a fashion restricted to extremists, the attitude of today's muslim society is convergent with the beleif that the West should subordinate its principles to Islam, thanks to the row generated by the cartoons.

It seems that, in light of the fact that the Danish Muslim Committee (which presented the cartoons to Mecca in the first place) fabricated three false 'cartoons' which were the ones that generated most 'anger', and in light of the fact that the reaction in the muslim world has been delayed for three full months, it seems that the cartoon 'controversy' is merely a power play to unite the world of Islam behind the nationalistic banner of Iran's nuclear program and Hamas' ultimate goal of extermination of Judaism.

Pacifism and political correctness is a thing of the post-war past.

von Schlichtningen the Unpronouncable, you are quite right yourself.

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