Thursday, February 16, 2006

From Jyllandsposten today

The "gentleman" on the picture is of course the leader of Iran. Do you think this image in any way will hurt the sensitivities of the Iranians? Nah. Surely not.


At 16/2/06 22:45, Blogger John Sobieski said...

That would have been funnier if he was sitting in the cup of a catapult labeled Iran holding a nuclear bomb with that radioactive label. A catapult reflecting the primitive barbarity of Iran. I recently saw a video on BBC where they traveled around Iran visiting people. It was politically correct but what you could not ignore was the background - the majority of Iranians live in piss poor conditions. And the villages just look like something out of the 7th century with poles and wires added. Oh and a lot of beatup Renaults! What a pit! Let's see, who does that remind me of - Pakistan! Another dump with nuclear weapons.

At 17/2/06 15:55, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

You are quite right. The state of affairs in Iran is sad. It used to be a rather prospereous and more free country under the Shah.

Concerning the drawing I mostly put it there to show Jyllandsposten has not been entirely cowed. I don't know if you imagine the pressure that has been on that newspaper? And I am not even speaking of the bomb and death threats.

With this drawing they are calling the sicknes by the name: Islamofascist.

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