Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back again

I am sorry for the long absence. It was due to a big workload while traveling. But now I am back and look forward to continue blogging as the world has not improved much since I last wrote something. And yet....

The Slithering Treacherous Pusillanimous Dhimmi once known as Laila Freivalds, Swedish foreign minister (proof of dhimmitude) has resigned.

Maybe there is still hope for Sweden. She yesterday admitted she knew the Swedish Foreign Ministry contacted the ISP, Levonline, of the right wing party, Sverigedemokraterne, to have the party's website closed down as the party had shown a Mohammed drawing on its website. Laila Freivalds had until now rejected any knowledge of the issue.

According to her own statement, she relalizes she has become a problem for the party and has decided to resign.

About time I say. Not only is she a liar - she is a threat to democracy and even has shown incompetence at more than one occasion - not the least of them being the tsunami in Indonesia, where 500 Swedes died.

I hope she will bring down the whole government as they deserve! Because I do not for one moment believe she acted on her own to get the secret police (S√ĄPO) to talk to the ISP. Many more government officials were involved. Sweden has a rotten democracy where free speech has been severely limited.

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At 21/3/06 21:28, Blogger freedom said...

At last, some good news for Sweden...long way to go...

At 21/3/06 22:06, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

Yes - at last. I just watched the foreign minister on TV. Of course no apologies. Censorship thrives in Sweden. She was just unlucky to be discovered.

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