Monday, March 06, 2006

An ultimate insult

The ultimate insult to an Islamofascist. A "Danish". Or as they now are called in Muslim countries: "Roses of the Prophet Mohammed" since the boycott of Denmark started. An Iranian baker said about the new name: "This is a punishment for those who start misusing freedom of expression to insult the sanctities of Islam". (I wish my baker was this eloquent).

Hmmh. I think this is rather insulting to Mo and me. Mo surely does not want his name to be misused associated to all kinds of products? What about "Wrath of the Prophet Mohammed" for insect killers. Or "Sweet breath of Mo" for mouthrinse?

And I would choke everytime I were to eat a "Rose of Mo the Prof".

Crossposted at The Ultimate Insult. A new blog for Islamist ultimate insults. We will ridicule until they give up!! Let me know if you would like to post on The Ultimate Insult.


At 7/3/06 00:59, Blogger maccusgermanis said...

I love the idea of trying to find an ultimate insult to islam (an evil idealogy). That muslims (people that should feel shame for what islam is) are offended is an unfortunate but necessary side effect.

I've been working on a site focused on keeping the ink of infidels flowing. Several of the links point back to some of your posts. I could really use some input.

At 7/3/06 20:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeg kender intet - intet islamisk som jeg ville give et dansk navn.


At 1/10/06 12:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mohammad just kept screwing women to multiply and thats exactly what his followers do,why cant we just nuke countries like saudi,pakistan,Libya,Sudan.
What i do is mix ham in my lunch and share it with muslim collegues every week.
By the way my drivers name is Mo.

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