Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cartoonist daughter to be kidnapped?

Update III:
See new posting at Agora (hat tip)

Something fishy is going on...

Update II:
Mr. Rohde is now apologizing for his statement, but there still have been no clear indications of what happenened. Most probably it was just a childrens prank.

I would like to know whether Mr. Rohde lied or not. He says he misunderstood.

Mr. Rohde has made a big mistake here and has lost political credibility. This was extremely stupid in this important hour.

If it can teach us anything, that is, we must check our facts, and when we have no facts, we must clearly state so.

Unfortunately I am no longer sure about the veracity of this story. After all the 12 men might have been children of around 11 years old. They might even have been girls and might not have been more than 6-8. Please see the comments. Hat tip to Freedom for the comments with links. (have a look at her nice blog Anti-Dhimmi also).

Even if this event as I hope proves false, it still does not change the fact that the 12 Motoonist all have a death sentence hanging over their heads. They are in hiding and have protection, but they may possibly never have normal lives again. To describe the degree of dhimmitude in Denmark, I can inform, that they even have little work. This is shameful.

Also the Motoonists ask to have as little attention about themselves as possible. They then hope the whole thing will be forgotten. This is the advice of the Danish authorities. I think they are wrong. Mr. Rushdie still has a death sentence hanging over him. They are all better served by standing up and lead the fight against the Islamist.

I will stay on top of the story. So stay tuned.

Updates end.

In this article in Jyllandsposten, we learn 12 Muslim men appeared at cartoonist's daughters school to get hold of the daughter. The cartoonist is one of the 12, who originally drew Mohammed.

Fortunately the daughther was not in school that day. The police secret intelligence has no comment. All the cartoonist are living in hiding.

And so it continues. The barbarians have judged and sentenced with no trial. The judges (*) live in their respectice Muslim countries and have not been prosecuted.

It is INADMISSABLE. We must stand together in the West and do something about this!

(*) I am talking about the clergy members issuing fatwas and the people offering prizes for the killing.


At 2/3/06 21:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those muslim cowards... they make me puke.

Agustin Chorricuai.

At 2/3/06 22:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to an English translation?

- Seattle Man

At 3/3/06 05:10, Blogger Raw Data said...

Is there any verification of this event? is there only the interview with Rohde? I would caution some care in accepting this event as true, not that I am doubting its possibility. But let's have our facts straight.

At 3/3/06 08:18, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

I have no confirmation other than the interview with Rohde.

But Rohde (the government main party political spokesman) had a meeting with the 12 Motoonists and one of the Motoonist told him this.

I think this is a pretty strong story.

The PET (police intelligence service) handling the case and protection never make any sort of statements in these cases.

So it is difficult to get any further confirmation. Should Rohde be lying - it would ruin his political career I would say.

At 3/3/06 08:24, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

Sorry I find no English translation. But other than the source of the story as stated in the previous comment - I know little more.

The story has been posted in the major newspapers and in news on tv.

At 3/3/06 09:42, Blogger kepiblanc said...

Well, being Danish I happened to watch the news on TV myself. Jens Rhode was interviewed in an attempt to make the anchor appear "balanced". The main story was about two big Danish companies (Arla Food - really a Swedish company better known as Allah-Fools - and Grundfoss Pumps) who suffer some monetary losses in Islamistan, especially Saudi Barbaria. Consequently they demand our government to cave in, ignore our constitution and sell our national pride to whomever offers a little dough.

Furthermore, they demand our PM, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, to apologize for calling them "companies who worship money rather than dignity and morale".

After about 10 minutes with ravings and rantings from two CEW's (Company Executive Whore) Mr. Rhode was allowed 1 minute for a reply. He just stated that he'd prefer to live in a free society rather than selling a few more pumps and live in a country where cartoonists are sentenced to death and have their daughters hunted by 12 Muslims who came to her school to fetch her. Luckily, she wasn't in school just that day....

End of story.

At 3/3/06 09:58, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

Thank you kepiblanc.

I had not mentioned the context. And those CEW's are embarassing.

At 3/3/06 11:00, Blogger Raw Data said...

The story sounds fishy. I bet that Rohde will issue a "clarification" in a few days.

At 3/3/06 11:48, Blogger freedom said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3/3/06 11:50, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

I found a translation in the Agora blog: Look at the bottom of this post:

At 3/3/06 13:13, Blogger freedom said...

Hi I had found the agora link too but I removed it as I've seen you posted it already.
Let's see what happens.
I'm going to put the story on my blog shortly.

At 3/3/06 13:37, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

Mr. Rohde has by the head of the organisation of Danish Journalists been accused of using the persecution of the 12 Motoonists to improve his own political standing. Also there should be factual errors in the events concerning especially the 12 Muslim men.

Stay tuned.

At 3/3/06 18:54, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

Just saw the news, the story is probably true, the 12 men were presumably boys, but could have been young men.

At 4/3/06 13:20, Blogger freedom said...

Von Schlichtningen:

Have you seen this?

I wonder what the truth is!

At 4/3/06 13:22, Blogger freedom said...

sorry it appears to be the wrong link.

Hope i get it right this time :)

At 4/3/06 13:33, Blogger freedom said...

Von Schlichtningen:

Yet another link, this time from the Jillands Posten:

At 4/3/06 16:52, Blogger kepiblanc said...

Jens Rohde has apoligized. The story wasn't true but a wild exaggeration of a minor dispute between some young girls. He did not make it up, he says, but was "misinformed" at a meeting with the cartoonists. Anyway, he has lost credibility, big time.

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