Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Today it is a holiday, carnival, here and I will write very little.

A lot of good posts on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance blog. Check it out.

Check out this posting from the wonderful blog of Tammy Bruce. Apparently Yale accepts ex-Taliban as students. Are they mad?! Is he inscribed in the "How to manage terrorism politically correct" course?

A fun post from the bright Michelle Malkin. Hands on! He-he-he.

A little news from good old Denmark. Finally the government (conservative) and the right wing government supporting party "Dansk Folkeparti (DF)" are waking up. They are killing the opposition. The socialist a few years ago had nearly 40% of the vote. Soon they will have less than 20. Poor socialists and culture radicals. Not!

The Prime Minister started out with a big article in the newspaper asking, "Where was the support for our democracy and free expression from companies, authors and the press?

It has been delicious to see who felt hurt by this true accusation. Usually I think the PM a bit too opportunistic, but finally he shows a bit of guts. The DF party went even further calling the attacks, by especially one ex prime minister, two ex foreign ministers and an opposition leader on the government and its handling of the cartoon crisis as well as attacks on the entire Danish society, for close to treason. Well done!

I can hear the spluttering from here over 2000 miles away.

In the EU parliament Holland (I love the Dutch these days) blocked the apologetic appeasing coward British and Spanish governments from making an EU declaration expressing a deeply felt apology because of the Cartoons. Also they wanted to express their support for The Slithering Treacherous Pusillanimous Dhimmi once known as Javier Solana.

In the end no apology and no gratitude to quislings. Just an expresssion of regret that the Muslims felt hurt (just like regretting somebody falling getting a bruise) because of the cartoons and expressing an absolute support of free speech. No stupid declarations on limiting freedoms not to hurt precious feelings of the Islamists.

Don't forget to support the people hiding from Islam in the west. In the process you will get a prestigious award. See here. It may seem a bit childish - and it is - but also it will ridicule the Islamists. This is a very potent weapon.

Also let us not forget the tally of Quislings. Give me those nominations.

Thinking of migration as you no longer can stand the spineless stand of you government and or spineless fellow citizens? Look for a citizenship in one of these proud countries:

Holland or Australia.

The Islamofascists are speechless. Once their false protests against racism and for multicultural societies fall on deaf ears what else do they have for an argument? Loyal fanatic islamist upstanding citizens? What a joke.

Kofi Annan, the ├╝ber PC General Secretary of UN and the defender of all dictatorships has made the following declaration: Denmark should change its ways to accommodate its minority Muslim population. Right on, Sir Secretary. From now on Shari'a is the way of the Danish.

See here:

In his view, Denmark, the first country to publish the offensive caricatures, has recently acquired a significant Muslim population, and is not yet sure how to adjust to it.


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