Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh, The Humanity!

Thousands of innocent dead people do not face the followers of the religion of death. At most it is an excuse for infamous rejoice. But try to make a caricature criticizing the Islamist fanatic's violence and all Muslims, even the moderates, are deadly offended. I ask the moderates: Why did you not let your righteous anger show when people plunged to death in desperation from the Twin Towers, not to mention the dead school children, babes!, from Beslan - all killed in the name of your precious religion? Why did you not demonstrate then?

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At 7/3/06 13:07, Blogger Epaminondas said...


At 8/3/06 07:04, Blogger nouille said...

hello, i linked here from Islamophobic.

I like your blog very much.

At 8/3/06 08:28, Blogger freedom said...

Come to my blog you'll find a video about three former terrorists speaking out.
Truly too good to miss.

At 8/3/06 09:40, Blogger kepiblanc said...


A poster advertising a new book, titled "What is Islam", has
been banned from Copenhagens busiest railway station in order to
"not stir up additional unrest".

The irony of this absurdity is that the author of named book, Mr.
Joergen Baek Simonsen
, is a well-known uber-dhimmi, frequently
appearing on national TV trying to convince the ignorant masses that
Islam is really a religion of peace, love and tolerance....

The publisher of Mr. Simonsen's book is a bit surprised:
"this book is certainly well-balanced and not offensive towards
Islam". Undoubtedly.

Now, instead of calming things down, the decision to ban the poster
is sure to restart the flame war between those in favor of
censorship and those not.

At 8/3/06 10:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mostly agree with the post, but the massive number of dead children in Beslan was because of the way the Russian government handled the situation. I mean they did fire into the wall of the school with a tank before charging in...

I watched a program on TV the other day that was about how media is oppressed in, amongst other countries, Russia. They used the Beslan incident as an example of government censorship. How the government made all the newschannels and magazines report a number of casualties that was about half of the real number. Also there happened to be a camera crew filming live for a news station when the military shot up a wall in the school, after that no programs are allowed to air live in Russia. Everything has to be checked/censored before going on the air...


At 8/3/06 12:23, Anonymous Yasser said...

Well ... I wrote about humanity just yesterday.

To find out what is Islam, what is it beliefs, what is right and wrong, you don't need to find out what Muslims do or did. The source of our religion is clear, Qur'an.

I think you first read Qur'an and then, please teach Muslims what Islam means.

In Islam, the religion is not owned by Muslims or religious men; it is owned by the God and only God.

And the source is available, it is a system of life which you may adopted, despite what Muslims are doing, in which I think they mostly behave wrongly.

The world lost a lot because of the absenteeism of the real Islam.

I think it’s fair enough from you to read and judge; and pleas tell me if was wrong, and what is that wrong.

Again, it is in your hands, I’m ready to provide you by the material that includes the source which you know from what is Islam.

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