Friday, February 17, 2006


Friday prayers are about to start and that always gives extra demonstrations and violence in the Muslim countries. I gather it must be those oh so peaceful mullahs, muftis and imams of the religion of peace, who do their best to preach peace - but nobody listens!

I know the feeling.

Meanwhile in Teheran in Iran the followers of peace are burning crosses in front of the Danish Embassy.

In Denmark nothing has been burned so far. It is illegal to burn stuff in the street. All the smoke is just a nuisance and somebody could get hurt.

The nice and peaceful people in Pakistan are also remonstrating.

A peaceful cleric has offered a bounty of 500,000 rupees ($8,400), while a jewelers association was putting up $1 million, and others were offering $17,000 plus a car. The bounty is for whomever kills the cartoonist. The ignorants have of course not seen the cartoons and do not realize it was 12 different cartoonists, who each drew one cartoon. Read about it here. I have heard unconfirmed rumors a minister in Pakistan is also asking for cartoonist death. They do have nuclear weapons - so that might be a real threat.

The evil, violent and murderous cartoonists in Denmark are together with their families hiding under police protection. As there now are quite a few bounties - the least one not being the 100 kg of gold a Taliban militia leader has promised - imagine collecting from him...

The ambassador of Pakistan in Copenhagen has been recalled and the Danish embassy in Pakistan has been closed. I wonder why Denmark has an embassy in Pakistan? Must be for the gung-ho flag industry?

Friday prayer is coming up - sure to bring more peaceful news. Stay tuned.


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