Friday, March 24, 2006

The beliefs shared by Muslims

From Wikipedia I got this:

There are six basic beliefs shared by all Muslims:

  1. Belief in God (Allah), the one and only one worthy of all worship (tawhid).
  2. Belief in the Angels (mala'ika).
  3. Belief in the books (kutub) sent by God:
    The Suhuf-i-Ibrahim (Scrolls of Abraham).
    The Tawrat sent to Musa (Moses).
    The Zabur sent to Daud (David).
    The Injil sent to Isa (Jesus).
    The Qur'an sent to Muhammad.
  4. Belief in all the prophets (nabi) and messengers (rasul) sent by God (see Prophets of Islam).
  5. Belief in the Day of Judgement (qiyama) and in life after death - heaven (jannah) and hell (jahannam).
  6. Belief in Fate (qadar).

The Muslim creed in English:

"I testify that there is no god but God Almighty, Who is One (and only One) and there is no associate with Him; and I testify that Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him), is His Messenger."
"I believe in God; and in His Angels; and in His Scriptures; and in His Messengers; and in The Final Day; and in Fate, that All things are from God, and Resurrection after death be Truth."

The Injil is the 4 gospels from the new testament. But Muslims believe it has been tainted, undergone tahrif, by man.

Of the books, the Quran is held over all the others. The Muslims believe that the Qur'ān is the literal word of God in Arabic and the culmination of God's revelation to mankind, revealed to Muhammad, the final prophet of humanity, over a period of 23 years through the angel Gabriel. By many this is considered one of the reasons why the Muslim world has not had a period of enlightenment.

When reading the Quran you need a guide to read it, as it is a rather rambling text with chapters ordered by size. It contains contradictions which can only make sense if you take into consideration their place in a chronology. Wikipedia again can be a starting point.

The Quran contains messages of peace but it also unlike the new Testament contains much harsh writing that in my opinion overwhelms the message of peace. Here are some examples:


We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, and their abode is the fire, and evil is the abode of the unjust.

And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to terrorize thereby the enemy of Allah...

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

Moreover Allah says of those who reject him. Because, Allah has already sentenced them to death.


2:191, And slay them wherever ye catch them

2:193, And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression

2:216, Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you

3:28, Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah

4:48 “Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin Most heinous indeed.”

4:84, Then fight in Allah’s cause - Thou art held responsible only for thyself - and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the Unbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment.

4:141, And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers

5:33, The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

8:12, I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them


5:38 Cut off the hands of thieves, whether they are male or female, as punishment for what they have done—a deterrent from God: God is almighty and wise.


I do not consider Islam my enemy. But I do consider Islamofascism one. Supposedly the Vatican has the largest collection of Marxist writings in the world. Why, one would ask? It is important to know your enemy.

Undoubtedly, that is true.

Here are a number of links to the Quran for Westerners to peruse. Do not believe Muslim claims you must read the Quran in classical Arab to understand. I do realize some of these link to highly critical reviews of the Quran, but they are the ones I found. I shall add any other links with descriptions, if Moderate Muslims ask me to.

The earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn Ishaq

Islam Q&A
Find answers to tenants of Islam

Islamic Forum
Discussion and information about Islam

The Origins of the Koran

The Noble Qur'an
Three translation of the Quran into English

The Skeptic's Annotated Quran

Prophet of Doom
Islam's terrorist dogma in Mohammed's own words

BTW you can get a free Qaran here if you live in the US.


At 25/3/06 15:16, Anonymous yasser said...

Hi Mr. von

It is very nice of you to state the muslims belifs in your blog.

For What you have written of Qur'an I found some mistakes which I

would like to clarfy them to you and to your visitors.

The faith of Muslims just as you mentioned.

Firs you need to know that Qur'an is in Arabic, and there is only

one Qur'an with no other one.

There are many translations, what you have chosen have some

translations mistakes, otherwise how comes three words in Qur'an as

"Terror" while they are different in the original copy?

the word "Terror" mentioned once in Qur'an in chapter 8, part 60 as

you mentioned. But you didn't get the complete senetence! And you

miss the following part which talks about peace.

the correct and full sentence of 8:60 " And make ready against them

all you can of power, including steeds of war to threaten the enemy

of Allah and your enemy, and others beside whom, you may not know

but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause

of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be trated


The Following About Peace

8:61 " BUT if they incline to peace, you also incline to it, and

(put your) trust in Allah. Indeed, he is the All-Hearer, the All-


Thanks Mr. Von

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