Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why the rest of the world should be permitted to vote in the USA

It has occurred to me that I should be permitted to vote in the USA. I am not American, not even a resident but I am a citizen of Western Europe and also the world at large. I would not vote for Bush.

Does it really matter whom we in Europe elect to lead Norway, Belgium or Portugal? Does it really change anything?

The current leader of the European Commission was found out to be incompetent here in Portugal. Sure seems incompetent in the Commission too. Does it make any real difference who it is or what he or she does? No - because he like other European leaders does not have much room to do anything much differently than the previous one.

But now, the American President. He has power. He can change the world. He wishes to leave a mark on the world. Sole superpower. Moral obligation to use the power when you have it. Anyway what good is power if you do not use it?

We should be allowed to vote. For every European vote in the US we will give you guys a vote in Europe. Fair - ain't it?

Won't happen - why would anyone exchange a vote on the American Presidency with a vote on say, the Danish PM?

Conclusion: The American constitution gives too much power to the head of government. It is old and old fashioned. Either that or the system has become corrupt.