Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Secular societies

My last musings made me remember another curiosity I have wondered about.

Have you noticed how Arab (all Muslim?) leaders never can say anything without mentioning God, Gods will and his Almightiness? We and they know for sure they do not represent secular societies. Clear lines!

Side remark: Even as a non-believer I find it a bit blasphemous to always use God’s Name and express his Opinion so often. Also it makes it seem as there is a doubt. None of my business though.

But it reminds me of another country. And yes, it is the USA. Boy, does the American President ever often mention God. Even to the point of claiming to follow God's will. (Maybe there's another red phone we don't know about?). When I hear the constant "God bless America", I half expect to see the president in a frock. Am I mistaken or is the USA not a secular society by constitution? Sadly it seems not to be.

Is it only me? I have this wish for a separation of politics and religion. On the other hand, when some American politician, including the president, uses the ambiguous "The American people wish/desire/want..." with an absolute certainty it is also a question of faith. Sadly, I have noticed the same expressions to a small degree here in Europe. Maybe there is no possible separation anymore.

Conclusion: Secularity is less popular than this my new blog.


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