Tuesday, October 25, 2005


While I am wondering about religion, here is an interesting link to a website: scientomogy

It makes fun of Tom Cruise, the actor and marketing representative of Scientology.

Scientology seems to be upset with the scientomogy website. I have heard before they do not take it graciously, if you don’t take them seriously.

I have most of the founder’s, L. Ron Hubbard, fiction books and a copy of the infamous Dianetics. I like his fiction books. I have spent some little time studying the history of scientology, including statements from Ron’s own son – and as far as I can ascertain with the time spent, it was Ron’s scheme to get rich.

BTW it is worrisome how lawyers of rich clients can shut down criticism with big lawsuits, because of the cost of litigation.

Watch out for the Scientology suicide squads. If they are 9th level or above, the may be airborne by levitation. Sorry for any perceived blasphemy. I could not help it. It is a joke. Tom Cruise is 8th level I read. No joke. Also level 9 and above (10 and above does not exist yet here on Earth) may levitate. You need to be rich to go so far, as the levels are expensive.

Reminds me of another joke:

Al-Queda has recently taken responsibility for the flooding of New Orleans. It was done by a suicide plumber.

I have never met Tom Cruise. He may in fact be a very nice person, even though it seems to me, that most superstars are not. He seems a bit eccentric. I like eccentric people more than most, even though I might think them mad. Most very smart people are eccentric. And I like to disscuss. Eccentric people are the best discussion partners. I read that he on some talk-show danced in the sofas because he was in love. For some strange reason that was criticised. It seems a very human thing to do.

Disclaimer: The statements I here make of Scientology are meant to be taken mostly humorously. They are based on things I have read, but I have not tried to check the veracity the sources. Let me also point out that Scientology scepticism of psychology and mind altering drugs are shared to a degree by me and many other non scientology people. And the main "treatment" as described in Dianetics to talk over traumas with other people is very good advice. If you have been through a trauma, you need to share it with other people.

Conclusion: Religions that can take no criticism are not to be taken seriously religionwise. But do be careful with suicide squads as they are volatile.


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