Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald

The current brand of "compassionate conservatives" in Washington is a rather fanatic mixture of oil, religion, money spending and most strange of all: Incompetence.

I have lived in the USA. Never met nore nice people in more pretty country. We in Western Europe owe much of our high standard of living and our freedom to the US. Many of us will never forget. But the world has become dangerous - once it was safer because of American competence. I miss the Cold War. I miss real conservatives - even being a liberal on many issues.

Special prosecutors have more power than the US president it seems. Interesting to see what is going to happen this week.

I hope Karl Rove will be indicted. He seems like a very shady character.

Once politics were thought to be about ideals. A job for honest, gifted persons with a mission. Representatives of the people.

Can anybody tell me where Karl Rove fits into that role?

The Italian Mafia of old days seem to me a better alternative than current politics. At least some of the wise guys had a concept called honor. Heck, Sicily is probably more safe than Washington DC.

Conclusion: If you are a American president. Don't ever, ever, ever ask for a special prosecutor to look into your government or anything at all for that matter.