Thursday, December 21, 2006

Danish support for Ahmadinejad or not...

A Danish group of artists have given their support to Ahmadinejad. They have spent effort to get the following ad into the Tehran Times, a goverment controlled Iranian newspaper in English. It had to pass the censorship.

The ad was published as above.

But try to read the first letter of each statement.

Exactly. Wonderful isn't?! They actually managed to make fun of the Iranian Hitler wanna be at home. This is ridicule of the highest order. And it is giving me some ideas. Hmmh.

I look forward to the upcoming crisis. Denmark is already the second most hated Western country (Israel is #1), so it can't get any worse.

Read more in this Spiegel article.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Danish Jews are no longer safe...

The Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten, the originator of the cartoons, today has an article with this title:

Danish Jews are met with harassment (article in Danish)

It takes time to translate, so let me just summarize:
  • Danish Jews feel intimidated and are afraid to show their identity while being in the public
  • Jews fear verbal and physical aggressions by Muslims
  • At the synagogue the guards warn Jews leaving the synagogue to remove head dress and the star of David
  • Jews no longer feel safe putting their children in Danish schools because of the Muslim children
  • A Danish teacher of Jewish ancestry applying for a position was told by the headmaster of a Danish public school it would be better to change his name to something innocuous. He did not take the job
Let me tell you something about the Jews in Denmark. Their families have been in Denmark for generations. Some for hundreds of years. They are as Danish as any Dane. You can not distinguish them by sight or language. The only major distinction may actually by the many accomplishments of Danish Jews. They are a part of Danish culture and I count some as friends.

We are in December, 2006, and Danes have to hide in the streets because of a faith or just a name? Their children cannot attend school paid by the tax payers, paid by the children's parents? They need guards at their places of worship? Danes are persecuted by strangers at home?

This is insane. I have had it with Muslims. I am perfectly aware that only a minority of Muslims are behind the aggressions. But I don't care. I want all Muslims out of Denmark now. And the few Danish converts ought to go as well. Because where are the demonstrations in the street by moderate Muslims against the abominable behavior against Danish Jews? A short time ago, when a newspaper published a few rather bland cartoons, thousands and thousands of Muslims were demonstrating!

Hell, I want all Muslims to go back to their miserable countries of origin and leave the rest of us alone!

Am I getting too radical? A few years ago I would never have issued such a statement. I would have pointed out that the innocent majority of Muslims do not share the guilt of a few misfits.

But just now - I don't care. I would rather see that a large number of innocent Muslims being unfairly treated than I want to see even one Danish child having to fear going to school or walking in the street. Because these Muslims to a large degree do not share Danish culture and values, and thus are not Danes.

The society and the freedom my ancestors fought and worked for is at stake.

I am fed up. And I am not alone.

I am also sad to realize, I now find myself an extremist proposing radical solutions. It is one more thing that I can not forgive.

Peter von Schlichtningen, former humanist

France withdraws troops from Afghanistan

It is just a question of time before France will pull out entirely from Afghanistan. Now we have the news that several hundred of the best French troops are to withdraw.
France plans to withdraw around 200 special forces from southern Afghanistan at the start of next year following a recent surge in violence, reported the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday.

The US are withdrawing troops as well, as NATO is supposed to take over more duties. NATO's effort is seriously hindered by national special interests. And the coherency of a NATO force is in question. This is to be seen in light of the increased difficulties in the region. Of course this is the major reason for France to withdraw:
Nine French troops have died fighting in Afghanistan, and Le Journal du Dimanche said the relatively high death toll had played a part in the decision to withdraw the forces.

Or is it? I rather believe this is the reason:
France, however, declined to dispatch more troops last month, saying it already had its hands full with the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, where it has committed some 2,000 soldiers.

Let me just translate:

France has no problem with the number of troops, its military is big enough and is hardly taxed at all. Smaller countries are relatively speaking participating with larger resources. The peacekeeping mission of France in Lebanon is to assure that Hizbollah can rearm unobstructed. France is more likely getting ready for an armed conflict with the "terrorist Israeli state".

France is at all levels obstructing the war against terror. I say good riddance - what do you need enemies for with an ally like France?

While French special forces are excellent troops, most other French troops are, with some notable exceptions, of questionable quality.

And while the results and the effort in Iraq may be up to discussion, I find it hard to believe anybody can sympathize with the Taliban. It seems the French are trying.

I shall be interested in French girls no more and I shall boycott as many French products as possible. No more French cars for me!

Instead I suggest looking into Aussie girls.

Look at this video again, listen to the song, admire the qualities of this Aussie girl, Beccy Cole, and send a thought to the allied troops who still are in Afghanistan - and even the blameless French special forces - most of all who have made a big and even heroic effort. I and many other people have friends and compatriots there risking their lives every day in the front line against Islamofascism.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Factor M

Officially the war against terror is ending. Of course a large number of countries in the West never did participate - some, such as France, even worked against the effort.

Politicians in most Western countries are either actively working for or are being pressured to enforce a halt to activities in Iraq and consequently Afghanistan.

Meanwhile a number of Middle East countries actively harbor and/or support terrorists. Recently we have read the news of Saudi Arabia, an American ally - no less, permitting its citizens to send financial aid (and perhaps arms) to the Sunni insurgents in Iraq. Iran supports the Shiites and a civil war is probably unavoidable if the Western troops (read Americans) leave. Iran supports terrorists everywhere, Syria many places and even fairly moderate countries like Egypt conveniently turns the blind eye when necessary. All other Middle East countries seem to be in between.

A number of countries have sold or are selling nuclear know how. And all the Arab dictators look forward to having nuclear technology. Not for energy for heating, as it does not get very cold and considering a lack of oil is absurd. No it is of course to get any dictator's wet dream fulfilled: The Bomb.

The Arabs have managed to give the Jews (just like the Nazis did) the blame for all ill in the Middle East or the world even. According to Muslims, the Palestinian problem is solely a "Zionist" one. Actually most don't give a damn about the Palestinians, but it is convenient to hide the real problems at home. Nothing like enemies to excuse dictatorships. Fictitious ones even better.

Most of the Western world buy this excuse and now hate the Jews more than terrorists. In France many Jews have left or are leaving. Were I a French Jew, I would get the hell out. The French government may not be Vichy, but the attitude is similar. And there are no previsions of improvement. On the contrary - France is becoming Muslim.

What is going on? I have e theory. It is an infection. No extreme PC, left-wing appeasement, cowardly defeatism or even stupidity can explain what is happening. The infection is called M for Madness such as in Mass psychosis. It is a Mental decease.

The M infection is growing at a furious rate.

In the UK the war against terror has been abolished officially as it was an affront to Muslims.

In the US "flying imams" are seeking damages for being kicked of the plane after provoking on purpose by "playing terrorists". Perhaps they were more than provoking - they might actually have been probing and preparing the way for real terrorists. A producer revealing the imam's ill intentions was fired for her effort. Now I am just waiting for CAIR to become part of the American government.

In Norway the rate of rape is six times higher than in New York. According to superblogger fjordman at the Brussels Journal there is a direct connection between rape and Muslim immigration. Another study recently compared general crime rates to Muslim immigration in the UK and found a correlation. Furthermore, according to my own calculations many thousand "honor" and religiously related crimes are committed by Muslims against Muslim children and youngsters in the West every year. Mainly against girls. And mainly in the hidden.
The media and politicians in the West refuse to reveal or acknowledge the problems. In France it is even forbidden by law to do so. Thus a rumor that 70% of all prison inmates in France are Muslim is impossible to validate.

I could go on and on on the widening infection of M. The MSM is silent but new proofs of M are documented daily in many fine blogs.

Perhaps it is a secret Islamofascist weapon - a new kind of virus or M ray. You guys out there with tin-foils on your head are maybe not that mad. At least not as mad as people infected by M.

The Islamofascists are succeeding exceedingly well and the West is doomed by factor M.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Religious crime in the West

A while ago I posted this article, "Young Muslim women forced to suicide". It is about a hidden aspect of the so called honor killings. At the time I tried to find some hard numbers to back up the article. I did find some, but now a new article, "20 religious crimes pr. month", in Jyllandsposten, the famous Danish newspaper of the cartoons, brings more light to the matter.
The police has reported (to the ministry) 100 crimes (since June), which are thought to be related to concepts of honor or religious motives. Mysterious suicides must be treated as investigations into killings.

In Denmark, according to the police, every week four crimes are committed which are related to cultural norms and/or religious concepts of honor.

Let’s first get some facts straight. We are not talking about Danish Christian fundamentalist fanatics crucifying gays. Neither are we talking about Buddhists beating up their wives. We are definitely not talking about the nuns of my old Catholic school beating up kids.

Insofar as I know - we are talking only about Muslims. And mostly about families punishing young daughters. In extreme cases by killing them.

These are hard numbers. Four reported crimes per week. Not all reported crimes will turn out to be actual crimes. But not all crimes will have been reported either. Especially will all the disappeared girls not count. Those are girls born and brought up in Denmark, but who one day simply disappear. According to family they stayed on in their parent’s country after a vacation. What happens to them is anybody's guess.

So let us treat the number of four crimes per week as actual crimes. Denmark neither has a particularly large nor small Muslim population compared to other European countries. Neither is crime particularly worse or better than in other countries in Europe. So let us try to extrapolate.

4 crimes per week correspond to 200 crimes per year

Denmark has a population of 5.000.000. In other words 40 crimes per million per year. (Denmark has a population of roughly 5 percent Muslims. So we are talking roughly 1 crime per year per 1000 Muslims)

That is more or less 14.000 crimes per year in all Europe (350.000.000 people).

Considering a world wide Western population of roughly 700.000.000 we may talk 28.000 crimes per year.

In the West.

By people right out of the middle ages.

I am appalled to the point of my blood boiling.

Monday, December 11, 2006

2006 Dishonest Reporter of the Year Award

Check out the sixth annual recognition of the most skewed and biased coverage of the Mideast conflict.
Our Dishonest Reporting awards primarily focus on "fauxtography," the manipulated images, staged photos, and inaccurate captions that repeatedly tainted coverage. Space didn't allow us to elaborate on many other noteworthy incidents of skewed reporting. Visual veracity was issue of 2006.

Our intent is not to make sweeping generalizations about all photojournalists. Most are honest people admirably working under difficult conditions; many risk their lives to record history's first draft. But important questions remain unanswered. What safeguards help editors detect altered images? Where do the rush of deadlines and the speed of technology leave the slower work of fact-checking? What do ethical standards, if any, say about posed shots? Were some photographers simply duped?

The MSM has reached unheard heights of information distortion. It has now reached the point of outright lying and manipulation. News have become propaganda.

I for one enjoy seeing the MSM having trouble because of the Internet. Not only are the MSM caught in their lies, but newspapers and tv-news are no longer the only sources. The MSM is loosing readers/viewers.

And no wonder.

More Arabs want nuclear power

The news this morning are comforting. Check out "Gulf Arabs states want nuclear power" from CNN:
Gulf Arab countries want to acquire nuclear energy capability and have ordered a study on a possible joint atomic program, a statement read on Sunday at the close of a two-day Gulf Cooperation Council summit said.

"The countries of the region have the right to nuclear energy technology for peaceful purposes," said Abdul-Rahman al-Attiya, secretary-general of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

We of course understand entirely. Nuclear power is just so appropiate for net importers of oil. It makes economic sense.

In a few years we can look forward to a much more exiting world.

The War on Terror has ended?

The UK newspaper, The Observer, presents the following:
Cabinet ministers have been told by the Foreign Office to drop the phrase 'war on terror' and other terms seen as liable to anger British Muslims and increase tensions more broadly in the Islamic world.

The shift marks a turning point in British political thinking about the strategy against extremism and underlines the growing gulf between the British and American approaches to the continuing problem of radical Islamic militancy. It comes amid increasingly evident disagreements between President George Bush and Tony Blair over policy in the Middle East.

Article continues
Experts have welcomed the move away from one of the phrases that has most defined the debate on Islamic extremism, but called it 'belated'.

'It's about time,' said Garry Hindle, terrorism expert at the Royal United Services Institute in London. 'Military terminology is completely counter-productive, merely contributing to isolating communities. This is a very positive move.'

A Foreign Office spokesman said the government wanted to 'avoid reinforcing and giving succour to the terrorists' narrative by using language that, taken out of context, could be counter-productive'. The same message has been sent to British diplomats and official spokespeople around the world.

So the war has ended. We must do all not to offend the Muslim world and the Islamofascists. The degree of dhimmitude is astounding. The UK official line now corresponds with the line of El Beep (the BBC) and PC once more rules.

But we may rest assured, that even though the UK rendition will soon be enhanced to "What War on Terror? - no such thing has ever existed", the terrorists will take this as the victory it is.

I have long been surprised the Labour governments relatively harsh line on terror and the participation in Iraq. Obviously it has been owed mostly to one man: Mr. Blair. Now he is on the way out and the socialists (read defeatist apologists) are waiting to take over power.

I wonder when a large part of London becomes a pile of radioactive rubble whether the war will be reinstated or whether it will cause a complete surrender?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cox and Forkum say more with one picture than...