Friday, April 28, 2006

Just as predicted

Sweden is well on its way to become the foremost bastion of Eurabia. The demands of Muslims are escalating as you can see in this article from Jyllandsposten.
Swedish Muslims demand special treatment


In a letter to the Swedish political parties in the parliament the organization of Swedish Muslim Organisations demand special laws for the Muslim part of the population.

According to the Swedish TV station the political parties of the Swedish parliament received Thursday a letter from the organization. In it, among other demands, the spokesman, Mahmoud Aldebe, asks for law regulated time off for Friday prayer and Muslim holidays.

The Swedish Muslim Organisations will also demand, that imams get access to teach Muslim children in public schools and that divorces in Muslim families must be permitted by an imam.

Mahmoud Aldebe states to Swedish TV:

"It is the role of the Imam to negotiate in such a manner that the family still can live together. It is our biggest task. We do not want children coming out of divorced families."

In the letter the organization also demands interest free loans for building mosques and special women's nights at swimmingpools.

According to Swedish TV the Swedish Muslim Organizations represent 70000 Muslims in Sweden.

It might take a little time, but these demands will of course be met by the Swedish. This is only another step stone to the end of the Swedish democracy. Increasing demands will be met in the name of cultural understanding until Swedish culture and freedom will eventually be entirely abolished.

Sharia Law is coming to a place near you. Hold on for your way of living.

Another forced break from blogging

I apologize for another forced break from blogging. But between work and family there simply has been no spare time.

But things are looking more bright now again. And my mission to save the world will continue - that is - if it wants to be saved - and if my talents and dedication are sufficient. Both are unlikely - but that does not mean stop trying.