Friday, May 12, 2006

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark

There is a need for some serious spring cleaning. Let me give you some examples - but first let's observe threats from somewhere around Afghanistan.

Comments in parenthesis are mine.
A prominent member of al-Qaeda in a video call for Muslims to attack Denmark, Norway and France. The three countries must be destroyed because they permitted the Mohammed drawings. This according to the Libyan, Mohammed Hassan a.k.a. Sheikh Abu Yahia al-Libi, who as one of four last year fled from an American military jail on the Bagram air force base in Afghanistan. The video was put on the Internet Thursday. The charming gentleman dressed in a military uniform while shaking a rifle states: "Destroy their buildings, make their ground shake and transform them (the Danes) into an ocean of blood."

Back in Denmark, the Danish Government consequently today stated: "We do take the threats seriously".

As they should. You see, this friend of Denmark, Kasem Ahmad, the spokesman of the Islamic Society of Faith in Denmark, states to a Danish newspaper:

"In the future it will be much easier to recruit terrorists for actions in Denmark. You are the ones who will be hurt. You have to live with the terror".

He is angry about the news, that the controversial imam, Abu Laban, seems to have decided to leave Denmark and move to Gaza. (More about Abu Laban later.)

"There is such a poisonous atmosphere against Muslims in Denmark (I wonder why?). Therefore it will not be difficult to find Muslims, who voluntarily will sacrifice themselves in acts of terrorism in Denmark. I am sure there are many who will do the tasks (Of course terrorism is a task. You can use MS outlook for keeping them up to date).

The Danish newspaper journalist asks: "Are there people here in this local mosque, who are willing to perform acts of terrorism after Abu Laban leaves?"

"Yes, definitely", Kasem Ahmad confirms and continues:

"It has nothing to do with the leaving of Abu Laban. But the mood is now so bad that it must have consequences. "

When you look at what four independent terrorists managed in the London bombings, it is not difficult to imagine similar deranged individuals in Denmark.

The infamous imam, Abu Laban, who lives in Denmark, was mentioned above. He was one of the imams traveling around the Middle East showing off the cartoons from the Danish Newspaper as well as a few much more juicy drawings made up for the occasion. Recently he has made a pledge to move out of Denmark and live in the Gaza Strip with his wife and children. He does not feel welcome in Denmark anymore.

Quite right, as he is not a Danish citizen and as such surely has outstayed his welcome. Quite a few politicians have stated their intent to have his permit of residence reconsidered. Also quite a few common Danes have made complaints to the police about his anti Denmark campaigns and judicial proceedings are imminent.

But I suppose his wife and children have rebelled against the decision to exchange hateful Denmark with the peaceloving Palestinians - as can be read in Jyllandsposten (article in Danish) today:
»I have never said I would leave Denmark voluntarily. But if the law demands I must leave, then I will of course leave."
Of course Jyllandsposten have his previous statements on leaving on tape. But we all know the Islamists change opinion according to convenience and purposes of deception.

This horrific story appeared in the Danish news. It is beyond comprehension - and I wish it to be false. Alas, it was reported yesterday by nearly all Danish MSM:
Boy pursued by 50 boys

Monday, young boy, followed by 50 very upset first and second grade (!) school boys armed with sticks and iron pipes (!), had to flee through the school yard of the Hans Christian Andersen school in the city of Odense.

The cause of the anger?: The boy had used swear words in connection with Islam.

The parents of the school's 378 students have in letter from the school been asked to discuss with their children how the situation could develop so badly.

The trouble started at the school's playing ground, when a little boy said: "F... the Quran." Afterwards he became involved in heated discussion with his class mates from the first and second grade.

Shortly afterwards the boy had to flee.

However, the school staff managed to stop the chase before anybody got hurt.

"The boys pursuing were a group of boys of Danish (dhimmies in training) and foreign (terrorists in training) ethnicity, so it was not a clear case of ethnic or religious conflict (sure...)", states school director, Jørgen Schaldemose.

The director considers the episode one of small school children trying to push limits (yes - in Palestine it is quite normal) and is completely satisfied with the school reaction.

The school has in strong terms told the involved it will not accept such utterings nor the consequent reaction.

Were it only in Denmark the rot was propagating, I would worry little. But the fact is -all of Europe and the entire Muslim world is affected. The rot is called Islamism. What they do in the Muslim world is mainly up to Muslims themselves. However, I suggest a thorough cleaning out in Europe.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Let us not forget the cartoons. Satire is an excellent tool. Let the naked emperor know that he is naked.

These are from Cox & Forkum of course. Do go to the web-site and read the articles as well.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Khadaffi seems happy - now we need to start worrying

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