Sunday, November 05, 2006

What wil the response to our ridicule be?

I am wondering what our continuously outraged Muslim friendlies at home are going to do next to obtain their goals of silencing all criticism? What will the religion of perpetual outrage do about the facts thrown in their faces daily? Not to mention the well deserved accompanying ridicule? The Danish cartoons were just an element, a beginning. And consider the reaction that got.

Burning flags get expensive in the long run and I think by the 50th flag the pleasure is somewhat less. Also the Western camera crews by then won't pay much any more for the spectacle. So what will happen? Demonstrations can be cool as family outings just like the First of May have been for the socialists in Europe for many years. The day off, a good outing in the free, with some political speeches, nice bands and lots to drink...

Oops, you Muslims don't drink - so you won't have that much fun with the demonstrations - as they do tend to get tedious without drink. Screaming for hours every day will ruin your voice as well. And somebody has to pay all those bullets you manly men shoot into the air... (By the way, what does happen to people hit by bullets falling out of the sky? The bullets do come down back - don't they? What a nuisance! Not to mention cleaning the Holy Guns afterwards)

Nope - what then? Well - there are protests to the UN and any other similar dysfunctional appeasing organizations. After all your Muslim human rights are being infringed in the most terrible way. Has Jyllandsposten, that evil Danish paper, not forced every single of you 1,2 billion Muslims or so to study the cartoons in detail and read the accompanying blasphemous words?! Stop. Half of you people can't read. Well, that still leaves 600 million, which we all agree is a rather large number. And all are upset. How do we know? Well - wouldn't you know - every single one was asked...

Jyllandsposten and other blasphemers (do we need a bloggers malpractice insurance?) should be forced to pay a compensation to every single Muslim (except the blind ones of course and maybe only half to the ones who can't read). Special payments for all the apoplectic cases. Several thousand must have died either dehydrated from frothing or overstrained hearts... And the stampedes, we must not forget the stampedes at Mecca - my, my.

Sorry lost the track here. Surely you Muslim smart guys will still seek the ears of all the dhimmies (especially left wing appeasing apologists) in Europe. Unfortunately, by now it looks like they are becoming a minority according to polls. Even former super PC politicians are demanding head scarves off. So that won't help much. Just a lot of senseless noise. The majority of Europeans are getting rather pissed off, excuse the French (pun intended)...

But the French youth uprisings (disclaimer: The word youth by definition excludes anybody Muslim and/or with Muslim ancestors or anybody with Muslim sympathies) organized in the right manner and with a little support from homegrown peace organizations such as green Hizbollah and amnesty Al-Qaeda with el Beep as the PR agency do in fact have a some chance of success. The only major problem is that it serves as a huge eye opener... It would be smarter to wait until Europeans are in the minority and that will still take a few decades.

Nope, not the best way either. Hmmh - there still is the Holy Boycott. That is really a good weapon! And you know what - it is a democratic one too and a human right. The common Muslim citizen (women excluded of course) might actually learn some democracy that way. It might cost us Western nations a few percent in exports -not that it will matter much for the rich Western world at all, even in the long run. And can you guys really live without any goods from the Western world? The Arabs for ones don't produce anything at all except at few trinkets and such. The boycott will still initially give you Muslim victims some powerful allies in the west. People with money and investments in Muslim countries (we all know those are Jews as only the Jews have money). But then again it would demand a complete boycott for a while, which is unlikely. I mean how long time do you think the Arab playboys can stay away from real women, Southern France, designer clothes and fast cars? And I will let you in on a secret. A Boeing 747 pleasure plane takes a lot of maintenance and spare parts! Those solid gold faucets just start dripping with no excuse what so ever.

But there is Holiest of the Holy Boycotts. The boycott of oil. Or just rising the price to the double and a bit. But - we Westerners get really upset when our car doesn't work and the house gets cold - and when all the plastics start disappearing. Have you any idea what this would do to our effort to pollute the entire planet in the most efficient manner? Nope - can't let you Muslims do that. We would have to invade. Worse for you even - we would not be able to produce designer clothes and fast cars...

Nah, the Holy Boycott is not it either. Now, dear Muslims, we come to some of your favorite solutions. Westerners to the grave. Threats. Violence. Death. God to honest bloody stuff. The Muslims armies will sunder forth and squash the infidels...

Sorry, your Muslim armies aren't up to it - too little equipment and let's face it: The Arab soldier is one of the worst in the world. But that still leaves Terrorism. Yes, good old Terror. Dead children is such an art form. Only a specialty of the most specialized peaceful holy cultures. Yes, that one works. But there are some problems. Without WMDs it is just not that effective. It will be very difficult to get a number of victim infidels (oxymoron?) higher than say for example traffic victims a year. WMDs take technical know how - and while Muslims can recite the Quaran forth and back any given day - your kids just don't learn unimportant skills such as math, physics, biology, engineering and other likewise boring and useless stuff.

Nope, the number of victims won't be enough for us to stop ridiculing. And do consider: Experienced suicide bombers are hard to come by! And just who did invent WMDs in the first place?

But, my Muslim friends - despair not. You have faith and you have the Prophet (pieces be upon him). Prayer is the answer - let Allah smite the infidels. It just takes prayer. You see God/Allah loves blood and peace not at all. Extinction is just such an appropriate answer to a cartoon.

PS. This is a slightly rewritten version of an earlier post I have written here in February. But I still wonder on the next move.


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