Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do Muslims need to integrate more?

From today on the Newsweek site this interesting poll:

As an European I had no doubt and answered yes. The result above was then displayed. Hah - I thought. The 12% "no" vote must be Muslims and the 6,8% "I don't know" must live underground. But great with a 82% "yes" vote.

Also it seems socialists, pacifists, defeatist in general and other riff-raff don't read Newsweek and for sure don't participate in the "livevotes" - or there would be more "no" votes.

But then I got to think. Muslims in Europe have already been given the chance to integrate. Some have integrated well but many have not. Demographics will within the next few years make several large cities of Europe having a Muslim majority (a few already have a youth majority of Muslims). The Islamofascists will use every trick in the book to gain power.

This combined with a large percentage of European apologists will in fact give birth to Eurabia. Ironically, multiculturalists will see their absurd experiment of multiculturalism turn into a de facto monoculture - and I ain't talking European culture.

I see this as unavoidable unless Europe receives a wake-up call now and immediately starts fighting this trend. In a certain manner worse uprisings in France could be a necessity for the rest of Europe to read the writing on the wall. We need more conflict to avoid the eradication of Europe.

Also integration in Europe absurdly means that our culture must adjust to the Islamist culture including some rites that seem out of the middle ages. It is definitely not "when in Rome do as the Romans do". Personally, I do not care for integration with the aim of making me x percentage Muslim.

So even if it pains me - I change my vote to a resounding NO.


At 26/10/06 20:14, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Musims are, for the most part very integrated into the US general population. That's what's so great about the US style of Democracy and government. You can be Amish and live apart from society or Orthodox Jewish and do your own thing, but still participate in capitalism and follow the rule of law. There is no support just for showing up, you have to support yourself and participate in the economy and while doing so, associate with other Americans. I would be content if Bush remade everyone in our image. Sorry, but there it is.

At 27/10/06 20:32, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

But they sure aren't in Europe. You are probably right about US Muslims that it is partly because in the US you have to take care of yourself or you hardly eat.

Now in Scandinavia you can be quite well off with 10 children and no job. You will be given a large dwelling and a decent amount of money. Why work? Why should my wife work? Why should she learn the language?

But the whole explanation is more complicated. However, I also fear that eventually America might be getting a serious problem as well. For now terrorists attacks after 9/11 have been ignored by the MSM - usually attributed to deranged individuals - but I fear for the future.

Thx for your comment.

At 27/10/06 23:46, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Yes, it could all change. You are welcome for the comment, I am enjoying your blog very much.

At 29/10/06 01:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I enjoy your blog and agree with your general premise, I don't know about the "you have to take care of yourself or you hardly eat" bit-contrary to the belief of most Europeans, we DO have welfare programs here in the US. Granted, they're nowhere near as ridiculous as what you mention in Scandinavia, but in my home state of Minnesota, the food stamp people advertise because they want more people on the dole. If they don't use up all the funds they're given, they wind up with budget cuts and then they scream bloody murder about how the awful Republicans are forcing poor people to eat dog food. Quel dommage, mais c'est tout vrai!

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