Thursday, January 05, 2006

Future of Europe

With around 90% of all European Christmas presents manufactured in China or nearby we must wonder what to live on in the future. I would say not manufacturing Christmas presents.

On the other hand why not tourism? We can sell experiences to a few billion Asians along with portwine, champagne and feta cheese. Some years ago it seems we were invaded by the nice Japanese but just imagine having 400 million Chinese or so coming to visit each year....

Notice these 2005 visitor numbers from Louvre: 3.5% Japanese visitors but 4% Chinese!

By the way France and Spain are the two most visited countries in the world. I have read numbers of 50 and 40 million tourists per year respectively.

PS. Dear fellow Europeans: We must now all acquire national costumes and use them daily to be as picturesque as possible!


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