Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Atomic Power

The tragedy of the coal miners in the US made me wonder on the dangers og fossil fuels. How many people have died or die every year because of fossil fuels? We talk big numbers: Coal mine accidents, train and car accidents, exploding storage facilities, war and environmental damages. According to a recent statistic fossil fuel pollution will cost alle Danes at least nine months of life-expectancy.

If you discount the brain-washed Russians responsible for Chernobyl, how many people have died or are dying because of nuclear power? It is darn close to zero! And contrary to popular belief it pollutes much less.

One can only wonder on human madness. We pollute our planet and millions die just because of a wildly exagerated perceived danger spread by a small minority of left wing flower power radicals. The truth is that most people simply do not understand the questions involved.