Monday, February 20, 2006

Women's and children's rights

Watch the movie on The movie is on the front page and starts automatically.

An Arab lady explaining it good to Muslim men. Unbelievable, Can anybody verify if pedophilia is accepted and common as the lady indicates? Is it really permitted by Sharia and/or tradition?

I am shocked.

(alternative link to movie in case it is removed from front page on Terror Watch:


At 21/2/06 12:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my connection speed here at work seems to be too slow for me to watch the clip. But if she's talking about despotic countries oppressive and twisted laws/traditions it might very well be true. However if you talk about the Quo'ran (spelling?) and the Muslim religion then there's definately nothing that would say pedophilia is good...

Also, the site you linked to was really scary, all they seem to want is to further the hatred between Muslims and the rest of the world by telling half-truths and shallow racist comments.

I do find it fairly amusing when they use the "if you don't like being spied upon by Bush, you're a terrorist" though :-D It gets me everytime.


At 21/2/06 12:58, Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

Hi Martin

I have not really studied the site yet. But the video is worth while watching: This link works:

This video is rather famous, I have found out. The lady has been prosecuted but has managed to escape a sentence as she is very well spoken.


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