Monday, February 20, 2006

A must read

The Brussels Journal has published another great article, Dairy Producer Who Boycotted Israel Gets Boycotted by Muslims, on current events in the Cartoon War.


What is the role of Egypt in all this? The West considers Egypt to be one of its most reliable Arab allies. But is it? For four months the Egyptian government has been actively inciting hatred against Denmark. Yesterday the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken published official Egyptian documents which testify to Egypt’s prominent role in the hate campaign that was organized by Islamist imams after twelve Muhammad cartoons were published in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last September [see for yourself how “offensive” they are: here, halfway down the page].


In an interview with the Norwegian Christian newspaper Korsets Seier the same Paul Johansen said:

“Islam is defying the West. Muslims will not be satisfied until they have taken over Europe. The method they use is […] to gain power over the media through censorship. Muslims use certain individuals who are very clever in dealing with the media and we will end up being controlled.”

He explained how this is done: Muslims control positions such as those of interpreters for the media. Today, he said, Muslims have almost full control over what the Norwegian media report from the Muslim world. Since he speaks Arabic himself Mr Johansen notices every day how news stories are being distorted so that they are more favourable to Muslims. “We are being systematically misinformed,” he says. Another key area controlled by muslims is that of studies about Islam. “At the University of Oslo you can take courses where the Bible is criticized. However, no such courses are availabe on Islam. Those who teach about Islam at the university are not aware of what Islam is really about. They teach about how Islam is interpreted, but they never go directly into its sources. What is being taught at Norwegian universities is a version of Islam that Muslims want the West to see.” Since 1994 the number of Muslims in Norway has increased from 35.000 to 100.000.


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